Monday, March 17, 2014

Wendy Vecchi's Embossing Paste Easter Bunny!

You know how you read "Try something new, you can do it"?

Okay, so I did!

I had an idea, the very first time I had seen Wendy Vecchi's Embossing Crackle Paste!
My idea was to create a bunny and crackle him, you know like the vintage one's!

So......I had to make a bunny? I don't know how to make a bunny...........
I went and bought some Creative Paperclay. The reason I choose this is, it does not need to go in the oven to dry, it air dries!

So I went looking at various sites about molding stuff and I found out you can make a wire form or a tin foil form or even use Styrofoam balls. I used the tin foil, because that is what I had on hand. So I started to shape it into what I thought it should look like. Then I covered it with the clay.

Not even near perfect, but I liked him. 
He slightly leans to the side and his one ear is a bit smaller. 
But I fell in love with my quirky little guy.

Now I tried and tried to win the FAMOUS Wendy Vecchi's Embossing Pastes, but it did not happen!
But some other very lucky ladies did!

So I purchased it from The Frilly Funkie Boutique
(I am not being paid! I just liked her customer service and she even sent me a extra goodies! and I loved it)
Above is my quirky little guy!

 Well my Embossing Paste arrived and the first thing to do was add Wendy Vecchi's Metallic Silver on to him. I really liked him silver. I thought if I added some ink over the top he would look vintage. (Wendy herself also said that) Now I had a decision to make, do I leave him? Or should I stick with the original plan?

He sat like this for a few days, because I just could not make up my mind!
Yep, still leaning and his ear is still smaller, but that is what makes him unique!

I even posted this and still could not decide. 

Then last night I decided!

I am so glad I did!


He is sooooo cute Cracked!

Then I had to finish him this morning. I lost my sun from my morning picture session.
But here is my final project all done!

I cut a paper mache egg in half and covered it with Tim Holtz paper.
I tore the paper and applied it with Matte Medium, let it dry and Distress inked the egg.
I then added the Tim Holtz's Pulley's as wheels. Added some Distress Glitter Rock Candy.
Added some lace around the egg. Finished it with some eggs and flowers, straw excelsior.
I now have a bunny mobile!

 So everything I did here, was all new to me! I had never used Paperclay, never used Wendy's Pastes and I never have made a bunny mobile! I think it all came together quite well and I see more animals coming out of paperclay and Wendy's embossing pastes!

So.......Go try something NEW, you might like it!

Thanks for stopping by!


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fabulous creative piece Donna, the crackle us amazing as is your idea. Love it. Tracy x

Kathleen Natale said...

I'm so in love with your bunny, I think I will make a Southern cousin for him! Lol! Thanks for all the info and giving me the courage to try it.

Ann B said...

Are you kidding me...Is there anything you CAN'T create!
I LOVE him SOOOO much!!!


GreenMonsta00 said...

So glad you decided to crackle the bunny, he looks amazing. Also love that he leans a bit and has one shorter ear because it gives him a lot of character. Another great project!

mamablitger said...

Cant stop laughing...!!!!! A bunny mobile !!
And he is STUNNING, FABOLOUS AND AMAZING !!! Wow you did a great job creating him !!! I envy you your creativity.
Thank you so MUCH for sharing this oh so cute bunny !!
Hugs from SPAIN

Christi Conley said...

Oh my gosh!!! I absolutely adore your bunny!! I love that he is quirky and he looks fabulous with his crackle coating - fab job!! Hugs, Christi

Marjie Kemper said...

Fabulous! Saw sneaks on FB but the whole reveal is gorgeous. Glad you have bloglovin' - will follow that way.

Anita Houston said...

PINNED!!! I LOVED this on FB but all these photos make it even better!

Laura Strack said...

What a darling bunny and basket!! So glad you added the crackle paste. I've been wanting to play with that paper-clay, too. I have to get me some crackle paste, for sure!! Thanks so much :)

Redanne said...

Your bunny is fabulous Meme and you were so right to crackle him, he looks amazing. I love his little imperfections too, that does make him quite unique!

Congratulations on becoming part of Eileen and Amy's DT too! Anne x

Candy C said...

Wow Meme...your crackled, vintage bunny and Easter arrangement is absolutely darling! I really LOVE everything about it. I'd not even thought to use the crackling paste on my elephant! That could have been so cute. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I think your bunny is just beautiful ... so vintage looking! <3 Candy

Pamela Jane said...

Love your crackled bunny mobile -- so glad you went all the way! :)

Sandy said...

I LOVE your bunny........and he is unique! I would have bought him at a store! You have encouraged me to try this with Vecchi's pastes. Thank you!