About Me

I am a stay at home Artist/Crafter. I live with my husband and my dog Tina. We live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I enjoy clay, painting, paper arts, drawing, well this list will get really long, so lets just say anything having to do in any way shape or form of art or crafting I enjoy!

I sell my work at local boutique shops.

Up here in the Mountains we enjoy the wildlife that wonder the area. Last spring to my delight I spotted two baby bear cubs just rolling around playing. So beautiful, but did not want to overstay my welcome as you know Mama was very near!

I have been published several times. That is on my published page.

Also have been a spotlight designer on many blogs.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, I am a Mom, I have two daughters and a son-in-law and 3 beautiful grandchildren. Which on occasion you will see them or hear about them on the blog. Not often as I want to keep this more on the Arts and crafts mode.

If I forgot anything or you would like to know more, just ask!