Thursday, December 18, 2014

ATB Christmas Boxes

I love the way these Christmas Boxes came out! 

If I do say so myself!

The boxes are a yearly gift.   My girls have grown and everything they ask for seems to be little. So I decided to start giving gifts in boxes that could be displayed year after year. This is like a 2 for 1.


·        Eileen Hull/Sizzix Scoreboard XL Die-Blocks/Cubes 3D
·         Glue Dots® 1” Glue Lines
·        Glue Dots® Micro (brads)
·         Sizzix Little Sizzles 6” X 13” Matboard White
·         Tim Holtz Paper Stash-Merriment
·         Tim Holtz idea-ology Collection Remnant Rubs Numbers
·         Tim Holtz Idea-ology Collection Hitch Fasteners
·         Tim Holtz Idea-ology Clock Keys
·         Left over red trim
·         Misc. brads
·         Red embroidery thread DMC
·         Small Misc. manila tag
·         Any snowflake stamp
·         Wendy Vecchi Red Geranium Archival ink


1.       Cut boxes using Eileen Hull/Sizzix Scoreboard XL Die-Blocks/Cubes 3D and matboard
2.       Using Glue Dots® 1” Glue lines adhere boxes together
       (this in my opinion, is the best adhesive for this step)
3.       Cut paper to fit each box and adhere
      (6 pieces are needed for each box)
4.       Determine where Hitch Fasteners and Clock key will go and poke a small hole
       and attach each using the screws provided
5.       Adhere trim, add misc. brads and Rub ons
     (I cut the tabs off of the brads and used Glue Dots® Micro to adhere them to the box)
6.      Stamp the tag and tie with red embroidery thread

Make sure you stop by Eileen Hull blog as she is sharing fun projects all month long!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winner, Winner, Creative Paperclay winner is!!!


Email me your info so I can get your prize in the mail!!!!

Thank you for playing along!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Garland Bows!

Art with Heart December Holiday Traditions Challenge Sizzix Prize Pack |

Hi All!

How is your Christmas shopping going? Are you done?

Have you STARTED? Not much time left!

Well if you need some bows for your packages, I have just the thing!

Eileen Hull/Sizzix has a new Kitchen Garland die! This die is from the new Vintage Kitchen Collection You can do many thing with just this one die!
Eileen showed us a few HERE!

I am going to show you the bows I made.

You can make them large or small! 
You can make them green or red, you can make them for one or all! 

OK, just started to sound like Dr Seuss!

Let's make some easy bows from Eileen Hull/Sizzix's new Garland die!
This is the small one

For this one I took 3 different pieces and made them into individual circles. Then taking a Glue Dot®, putting it into the inside center of the circle, then just push down. Do the same for the next two, then adhere them on top of each other. Then add a smaller circle to the center.

This is the large bow

This one you make your circles. Each one will then make one of the bows. So just keep adding until you like what you have! You can really make these full! Just keep adding around. When done add your center and you are done!
 More small ones!

 Do NOT forget to get in on this months Art with Heart Challenge!

It is Holiday Traditions, join us and you could win a New Loaf Pan Die! They are adorable!!!!
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Creative Paperclay® Tips!

With all of the Creative Paperclay figurines I have been sharing on Facebook, I have been getting asked many questions!

How? Is it easy? Are you afraid?

Head on over to Creative Paperclay blog and see what I have to say!

Then leave a comment there and here for a chance to win your own package of Creative Paperclay® and a package of Delight air dry modeling compound.

Then you can try it for yourself!

Oh the things you can make!!!!

Make sure to leave a comment on this blog and Creative Paperclay blog and then come back and check on Wednesday after 5 pm mountain time to see if your a winner!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mini Christmas Chest

This piece was inspired by Shelly Hickox, she made a beautiful chest of drawers. I wanted to make something similar, but different! I wanted to just have a few drawers to add little trinkets or candy for
the grandchildren to find. A soft glow from a battery operated candle would add a final touch that I was looking for.

Here’s what you need:
  • Ultra-Thin Glue Dots®
  • Craft Glue Dots®
  • 1″ Glue Lines® 
  • Christmas Past Collection - Graphic 45
  • Red cardstock
  • Hitch Fasteners
  • Metal Snowflakes
  • Tin Roll
  • Battery Operated Candle
  • Metal Bell Embellishment
  • 1 Brad
  • 4 – Metal Feet (Optional; I used Sliding Closet Door Replacements)
  • Little Sizzles Mat Board – Sizzix
  • Die Cut Machine – Sizzix Big Kick
  • Candy Drawer Sizzix Die Cut (Eileen Hull)
  • Label & Buckle Sizzix Die Cuts (Eileen Hull)
  • Plaque & Postage Sizzix Die Cuts (Tim Holtz)
  • Hole punch
Here’s what you do:
  1. Cut 4 candy drawers using the Little Sizzles Mat Board.
  2. Put together all candy drawers using Ultra-Thin Glue Dots and 1″ Glue Lines.
  3. Adhere candy drawers together using Ultra-Thin Glue Dots, Stacking three of the drawers.
  4. Measure and cut paper to adhere to the outside stack of three drawers.
  5. The remaining drawer you will measure and adhere your paper to the outside of just that drawer.
  6. The single drawer is now ready to adhere to the bottom drawer of the stack of three. Adhere it using Ultra-Thin Glue Dots.
  7. Cover each of the inside drawers with different papers from the collection and adhere using Ultra-Thin Glue Dots.
  8. Die cut four of the Label & Buckle with red cardstock and adhere to each of the drawers using Ultra-Thin Glue Dots.
  9. Punch hole in center of each drawer and add snowflake and hitch to each.
  10. Measure your chest of drawers and cut a back for it using Little Sizzles Mat board and die cut top with the Plaque side of die.
  11. Adhere paper to back.
  12. Using your Ultra-Thin Glue Dots, carefully apply it to the back of the outside of the drawers and adhere them to the back.
  13. Cut out a piece of one of the papers to add to the back, just over the candle. Use brad to secure. (optional)
  14. Add metal bell embellishment to top center using Ultra-Thin Glue Dots.
  15. Wrap metal around candle and adhere using 1″ Glue Lines.
  16. Adhere metal feet to bottom of drawers using Ultra-Thin Glue Dots.
  17. Turn your battery operated candle on and enjoy.
Don’t forget to fill the drawers with candy for the kids to find!
Mini Christmas Chest of Drawers
Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 8, 2014

Coffee, Hot Chocolate? Gift Card Holders to the rescue!

Do you have a friend or teacher that LOVES coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

How about a Quick & Easy gift card holder?

Eileen Hull designed this super cute Mug and Spoon die for Sizzix!

This will take you 10 minutes. So Quick & Easy!

Papers used are from DCWV-Candy Cane Lane and Printed Corrugate Stack. Both are SUPER cute!

Also for the Holiday season it is good to have on hand Removable Glue Dots®.
They hold those gift cards in without having to make those little slits in the cards!

Lets start!

Cut out mug and cozy (cozy cut with the mug-cut square and place over the area you want the cozy to sit, run through Big Kick or die cut machine. Then just trim top and bottom of cozy with a slight curve) See Photo
 Adhere all pieces to the front of card. I added some trim, that is optional
 Add your Removable Glue Dots® to back side of gift card

Adhere to inside of card



Here is another Quick & Easy one!

Same Mug, same cozy

 Add to a tag!

Again with the Removable Glue Dots®

Adhere all together and you have a super cute tag gift card holder!

Make sure you visit Eileen's blog, she is sharing all month Quick & Easy projects!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Easy Gift Tags & Gift Card Holders!

 I am so excited about this NEW Die designed by Eileen Hull for Sizzix!

Eileen has a new line out with Sizzix called Vintage Kitchen collection.

This one happens to be Eileen Hull's Recipe Card & Label.

I have 3 Quick & Easy projects,

Let's Begin!

The first one is a Gift Tag.
Using the Recipe Card & Label die cut one recipe card & 6 labels
I used the CUTEST paper from DCWV!
It is a 6 X 6 Double sided called The Winter in the Woods Stack®
I also used Glue Dots® 1 inch Lines to make this extra fast!
 Once you have everything cut, you will now cut a little off each side of 5 of the labels.
 See picture above. You will also need a piece cut for your tree stem. I just used scrap.
 Once you have them the way you want, just apply one glue line to each label
Adhere all together using the Glue Dots® 1 inch lines and add a snowflake to the top and you have your tag! I think this is adorable!

Next I have 2 Gift card holders!

Super simple!!!!

Again using the Recipe Card & Label die

Cut 4 cards & 4 Labels
Using the same line from DCWV The Winter in the Wood Stack®
Glue Dots® 1 inch lines

Happy Winter

Adhere sides and bottom togther & adhere label to the top
Stamp your sentiment and a couple snowflakes and add gift card.
The paper already had the cute print on it!

Simply cute!

 Second one, just as simple

Adhere sides and bottom together
Cut a smaller piece of paper to put in center of card and round corners
Add sentiment
I added some vintage glitter (optional)
Now take your two labels

Adhere them to the top of the gift card using Glue Dots® Removable, one label on each side of card
Now they can just pull the card up!

 Three super fun Quick & Easy Tag and Gift Cards using the
 Recipe Card & Label die by Eileen Hull!

You might want to pop by Eileen's Blog all this month as she will be sharing more Quick & Easy Recipes with her new line Vintage Kitchen Collection!

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Guess who is up on the Creative Paperclay® blog?


Head on over to Creative Paperclay® Blog and see how to make this snowman!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Creative Paperclay® Ornament

Hi All-It is my turn up on the Creative Paperclay® blog!

I have a super easy ornament to make, did I say super easy? Yes I did!

Come on over and see how easy it is to make this ornament!

Let's go, HERE!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vintage Kitchen my Recipes

 Vintage Kitchen

I seriously can't wait for these dies to come out!!!

They are so versatile.

My recipe for the Cocoa mug?

This one is a gift card holder                  This one is a mixed media painting 8 X 10 canvas
                     ↓                                      ↓

This next sample is from a class that I took while Eileen was on the Paper Trail! I had to see Scotty and Eileen in person! I could not let them just pass me by. Eileen came to Colorado and by gosh I was going to see her! And I am happy to say, I was able to meet her and visit Scotty! I drove 3 hours down the hill just to see her! It was worth every minute!

Now in all honesty, I did not finish this in class! I was to busy talking and helping others! I ended up staying all day!

So here is my take with the Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set! (As taught by Eileen)

Cream and Sugar~What's not to love about these darling dies? You could use them flat on a card!
 OR..................assemble them to add little packs of tea or sugar or whatever treat you can think of!
I just used the spoon for this card.....simple and cute!

I love this Recipe Box die! You can use in in so many ways!
I used mine to make mini journal pages.

This final die that I was lucky enough to play with, is really going to be fun! I have already seen some pretty amazing things created with this Cookie Box die! This is my take on it, I just thought it would be cute to put some trinkets in. 
Hold my rings on my night stand. It could be a candy holder. 
One of the designers made it into a vintage cat for Halloween! So CUTE!
See it HERE!

I am sure you are going to LOVE the VINTAGE KITCHEN line!

I know I WILL have some in my stash for sure!!!

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Glue Dots® Blog Hop~Turkey Surprise Box

Turkey Surprise Box

This year I have focused the post on the kids. They show up and they are bored waiting for the turkey to get done. All these people wanting hugs. Give them something to do! You could prep this for the younger ones, or have the older kids help the younger ones. Either way it is a win, win!

Let's get started!

Materials needed

*Cardstock ~  red, orange, green, yellow, purple
*Wiggle eyes
*Small boxes (see tools)
*Template (optional as you could use your own drawing)


*Glue Dots® Lines
*Glue Dots® Craft
*Glue Dots® Mini
*Sizzix Die Cut Machine
*Eileen Hull/Sizzix Block/Cube 3D die


1. Die cut box - or purchase already made

2. Copy and cut out templates

3.Place Glue Dots® Lines on the flaps of box, all but one and assemble

4. Color box as desired

5. Place Craft Glue Dots® onto each feather and head. Adhere to the front of box

6. Place Mini Glue Dots® on beak, eyes, and gobbler (OK, what is the hanging thing called? LOL!) and adhere

***Optional-add name to the front and use for name place at table

***When they are finished, tell them you will fill it with a surprise and put it at the table. When they are finished eating, they may open the box for the surprise!

***Templates are included. Print out on 8 1/2" X 11"

For my recipe share, I am going to share one of my families favorite recipe. My late Mother in Law would make Chestnut Dressing for Thanksgiving and they all loved it! (I love it without the olives) It quickly became one of my Dads favorites also!

Chestnut Dressing

Large batch, just so you know

You will need

Brown all in 1 stick of butter
3 onions                           6 Stalks of Celery
3 pounds hamburger        1 pound of pork
1 can of water chestnuts chopped
2 1/2 teaspoons of salt (I don't add that much)
1 teaspoon poultry seasoning
1 1//2 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon sage
1/2 teaspoon thyme
16 green olives-sliced or chopped
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 cup bread crumbs (the kind in the tin)
Mix together
chill overnight
Bake for 1 hour @ 350

So there you go, Turkey gift boxes for the kids and stuffing for the adults!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and don't forget to stop at the rest of the design team blogs!

Donna you are here

Glue Dots®