Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's A Favorite Things Blog Hop!

Glue Dots®

Favorite Things Blog Hop!

Here it is a new year on the Glue Dots® design team.

It seems like yesterday when Glue Dots® contacted me and told me I was to become a Dottess! I was elated! Now into my 2nd term, with new and exciting things to come!

I am lucky enough to live in the Rockies of Colorado where it is always beautiful. I live here with my husband and my little pup Tina. (I say little pup, but she is 19 years old. But she never made it over five pounds) I have two daughters and three grand children. Although I don't see the g-kids everyday, I am lucky that it is just a two hour plane ride away. I try to see them often. Love those little buggers.

I love paper crafting, mixed media and painting. 

My favorite season is fall. I love fall. The beautiful colors. The brisk air. Fall walks in the mountains. I love the rustle of the leaves under my feet as you walk through them. Cooler weather brings us back to the kitchen to make chili and cornbread, pumpkin bars, ciders and apple crisp. My house the favorite is the pumpkin bars. Love the cream cheese frosting. Something about fall and Halloween just brings smiles and almost a calming effect in me.

 Here is what I see when going for a hike or a drive.

Never know when the cows are gonna be out. You know the saying "The grass is greener on the other side" out here the cows are always getting out. The walk on the road or down the sidewalk, it cracks me up. Coming from the city, things like this amaze me!

Just a couple of different rivers.

Ready for a fall /Halloween project?

Actually I have a 2 for 1 today!


Glue Dots® - Mini
12 X 12 Paper-solid or pattern for pumpkins
Small amount of brown paper
Black paper cut 4 at 4 1/4" X 6" (only if making bonus project)
Jute ribbon for leaves
Die cut/Tim Holtz Mini Silly Jack o lantern
die cut machine
Score Board
Distress tool (Optional)
Distress ink -Vintage Photo (Optional)
Mini Plastic bags for candy
Glue Dots® - Lines (only if making bonus)
Yellow tissue paper (for bonus)
battery candle (for bonus)
Sewing Machine (Optional)  


Cut 12 X 12 into 3 strips of 4" X 12"
Score each at 4 1/2"  -  6 1/2"  -  11"
This step is optional-you can now stitch four lines to create the illusion of a pumpkin
Set this aside for now.

Now take the 4 black 4 1/4" X 6" paper and stack and cut them using the Mini Jack O Lantern die cut
Set aside the 4 solid pieces
Adhere the faces onto the strips of paper using Mini Glue Dots®
Distress sides of 4" X 12" paper
Distress ink around edges and on face as desired
Fill your bag with candy and attach as shown
Fold and attach to make pumpkin.
Cut rectangle 1" X 1 1/2" for the stem and distress the edges and ink
Cut Leaves out of burlap ribbon
Adhere leaf and stem to back of pumpkin using Mini Glue Dots®
Adhere a button if desired

Bonus Project!

Using the faces we set aside - 
Score at 1/4" and 4" on each of the four pieces
 Adhere the paper together using Glue Dots® Lines (My Favorite Glue Dot® product)
Well one of my favorites
 Adhere tissue paper on backside of faces-I added Mini Glue Dots® around the nose and Glue Dot® lines down the sides
 Adhere all the way around and now you have a lantern without to much extra work and using your scraps you would have thrown out!
Just add a battery operated candle and now add the lantern into any decorated area!

My goodness is this a long post............but if you would like my Pumpkin bar recipe you will have to keep reading. LOL!

Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting

4 Eggs
2 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Oil
1 Can (15 oz) pumpkin
2 Cups of Flour
2 Teaspoons of baking powder
2 Teaspoons of Cinnamon
2 Teaspoon of Apple Pie Spice
1 Teaspoon of baking soda
3/4 teaspoon of salt

1. Pre heat oven to 350° and grease pan
2. Beat eggs in a large owl, add sugar, oil, and pumpkin. Mix all together
3. Add flour, baking powder, spices, baking soda and salt and mix until combined

Bake for 25 minutes let cool - to check if done insert toothpick into center of bars and see if it comes out clean. Set aside to cool.


1 8 oz Cream Cheese
1 Cup of Butter
2 teaspoon Vanilla
4 Cups of Confectionery sugar

Add Cream Cheese , butter, and vanilla into a bowl beat till creamy slowly add confectionery sugar till smooth and spread over cooled bars. I frosting is to thick, thin down with a little milk.

Refrigerate until ready to eat........YUMMY!

I hope you have enjoy this very very long post! 

Remember hop to all of the other blogs......You just may find a new favorite or better yet......WIN a prize!

Donna - That's me!

Winner will be drawn on the morning of Halloween!

I wrote this while participating on the Glue Dots® design team.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 4

Day 4 of class!

I thought I had glossy paper, if I do I can't find it anywhere! It definitely is not where it is suppose to be!

Tim did you take my glossy paper for school today? LOL!

For me to run out and get more supplies is not an easy task! I live up in the mountains and the
closest place is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours away. That is if the roads are good! Today we have had
a few flurries and some ice pellets. So glossy paper is going to have to wait. Along with glitter from
yesterday. Never did I think I would say I need glitter. I have a love hate relationship with glitter!

Okay I did do a couple things though!

I made a card with the tinsel and a alcohol inked plaquette. Also inked a domino and then stamped over it. I will practice this as it was a bit slippery!
(Slippery little sucker) 

What movie was that from?

Pretty Woman. Okay just had to say that.

Here is another look at my card!
See you tomorrow at school!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 3


Yes you are reading that right!


I never ever thought I would say that!!!!!
I'm just saying'
 Really cool crackle effect!

Having a blast!

You can join at any time!

Check it out HERE!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lesson 2


Loving it!

You can join.

Go here......Tim's Blog

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102

First day of class!

I am a student again.

Here are my tags for today's lesson.

You still can sign up for this Tim Holtz Class.

Head over to his blog and find out the details.

Friday, October 4, 2013

New Larger Dress Form

This is going to be a long post with lots of pictures. Go grab a cup of coffee or a water or a soda and enjoy.

I finished another dress form and I would like to share it with you.

So here we go.
 Here she is looking straight on. So many little details for you to see. I used Tim Holtz's new material called Eclectic Elements. I love it, the quality is very nice. Would love to make a quilt out of it.
 Here is a side view of her. Her corset was made with grunge paper. I really love the way it turned out. I tried to replicate a real corset. Of course I embossed it and stitched it together then added the distress inks to make it look like leather.
 A little more turned so you can see the hinge, also the lock opens.
 Here is her back side. I added a stamp to her shoulder to make it look more authentic.

 Here is a close up.

Another side view the corset has a area to carry her magic stones.
They are citrine stones.

 Close up of her stamp

 Here is her other side, she has found items and new items all around her corset.

 She even has a looking glass.
I truly hope you enjoyed her as much as I enjoyed creating her. I love to alter dress forms and she was larger then I normally do. I loved every minute of it.

Lots of Tim Holtz element on this form, I think it would be fun to count how many items I used.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions please ask!