Saturday, September 27, 2014

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Today I am just giving a reminder tip about water and slip.

How to fix a crack after your piece has dried!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wedding Day!

Many know that I have not been around much. I have been busy, very busy! I was asked to decorate a pole barn for a wedding reception!
Yes, a wedding reception! All by myself? Oh gheez? I did not know if I could pull it off! Scared and thrilled all at the same time. Let alone, I felt very honored that they trusted me with such a special day! A day I could either ruin for them or make there dreams come true!
This post is seriously very long! Mostly pictures, as they say pictures are worth a thousand words. See if you know what the bride and groom were thinking or saying!
I will give you a few words with the pictures, but not many. They are not in any order, just to many.
So here we go!
First, this is what the space looked like when I went out to draw up some sketches and ideas!
YIKES, what was I thinking and how was I going to get this to look good, let alone make a dream come true?
40 acres, horses, cows, roping, yep, rustic reception it is!

Ceilings were lighted, chandeliers were hung.
chandeliers made of lace, muslin, ribbon with lights added!

Pallet wall décor, Sunflower centerpieces!

Children dancing!

Glowing chandieliers
Special gloves in a vintage trunk!

Coffee filter garland
Beautiful day, gorgeous evening

Jelly for everyone!

Beer sign...............SOLD!

Last minute Burlap curtains with muslin bows!
Wood burned tree slices
Rides for all! (This is how the guest were brought in from the parking area) So FUN!
Bride and Groom entering the reception area

Someone was a little heavy with the bird seed toss!

You were greeted and asked to sign your badge and grab a bandanna


I loved making everything for this wedding! It was hard work, in the end so worth it!

Eat, Drink, Dance sign...............SOLD!

Good ole Uncle Gorge getting the corn ready! What's for dinner you ask? How about smoked brisket, smoked pulled pork, smoked turkey, and hot dogs for kids if they wanted one. Beans, potato salad, rolls, vegetables, bbq sauce of course, chips! Enough meat for an army I tell ya! Oh and corn!!!!
The entrance before the guest arrived. Blue tarps need to be pulled before they arrive!
LOVED working on the sign! Loved the way it turned out!


They just entered the barn!
The guests! Not all, some were at the bon fire having S'more Love and enjoying the fire and the others.....they were on the horse carriage and visiting the horses.
Wall décor and centerpieces
Truly love this sign
Check out this you see the sun peeking thru to make a heart on the ground?

So many signs I did not show, just to many..........

This here is the end of the night, this couple stood here like this and just gazed at everything and really took it in! The Bride cried when she walked in and the Groom cried as he did not want the magic to end. This here made it all worth the sleepless nights and hard work!
There dreams were met and so was mine!
Now back to blogging, visiting other blogs, working with my co-workers in arts and crafts!
Oh, I guess I will have to do laundry and cook meals again! DARN