Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Back

Yeah, yeah, yeah....blah, blah, blah

I have not been on my blog updating because I have been busy with life....
We have recently moved and I am trying to fit a big house into a small house and it is not working for me.
One good thing out of this....My art studio is bigger!!!!
What does that mean for me? BIGGER MESS and lots of art!

I have been doing some Petite Doll Paintings and doing lots of drawing as ideas for the dolls come into my head. Now I just need to get all those drawings painted and out the door for people to enjoy!

Speaking of painting here is one I did for Erin, she is in my ATC group. We traded art for art. I will have to share some of her cards with you sometime, they are fabulous! You can visit her blog, just go over to the sidebar and click on Erin and it will take you to her blog. She is great at updating her blog unlike some people you know.

I had a great surprise in the mail yesterday. I was published in the Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2010 Magazine. Yep, I am on page 19. I was so excited all I did was open and close, then open and close again and again. I will share as soon as it hits the stand on December 1st.

Other then moving, doing art, unpacking icky brown boxes, hate boxes. Really hate boxes. Let me tell you, they are going to be recycled into corrugated books for art and that will be the only way I will like brown ugly boxes again.

Well hopefully this post is enough for now and I will be back to share a Christmas doll painting that I am doing.