Monday, December 9, 2013

Just A Little Christmas!

 Just sharing some Christmas from around the house!

I did not do a tree this year, just the decorations. I have my Charlie Brown tree and that is my tree!





That's it just pictures!

Love my wreath, had to add it again! I loved painting Santa and being able to display him!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Burlap Christmas Curtains

 Here is my spur of the moment burlap curtains!

I had big plans for my Christmas curtains and they were cut short when I could not get the fabric that I wanted. Then I tried to get Tim's Eclectic Elements Ticking Red Fabric ordered, but it would not arrive fast enough. (insert sad face here)

So I had some burlap, but not quite enough for curtain, curtains. So I cut them into strips, not caring if all the same width or lengths. Then I started cutting paper from Tim's Paper Stash Merriment, adding them with what else but Tim's Tiny Attacher! I even Alcohol inked the staples red....well actually it was cranberry. I attached red burlap, then found a cute little sweater and attached it. Needed bows, so I used Tim's for that also. I have since added more to these cute curtains. I have some sequins and some gems on them also!

So here it is on the blog for all to see! It looks so much cuter in person!
(even my husband liked them!) (insert JAW dropping to the floor)

 Here are some closer shots kind of in order.....1 though 25!

All together at a different angle
 Just wanted to share the Kris Kringle box I made a Long time ago. I even cut the wood and put the box together. How's that for crafty! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by!

Chalkboard Cheer

I said I would be back on Wednesday and here I am!

I have more Christmas to share!

I received this 8" X 8" mini deck and thought that it was brilliant! Great colors, traditional but not!

So many things I could do with it, well it just so happened that my hubby brought some cabinet doors home from a job and asked, "if I could use them?"


So in my mind I thought it would make a cute Christmas countdown Chalkboard!

Guess what the name of this mini deck.................Chalkboard Cheer! LOL!
Another great paper by Cosmo Cricket.
So here is the cabinet door to recycle instead of going into a dumpster!
(I have more, so happy)

 Here is after I sprayed the door with chalkboard paint and  then I started to layout the papers.
I thought it would be cute to cut all the pieces like a quilt pattern. I laid them all out to see
where I liked them and to make sure it all fit.
 Time to start gluing! it is! I took the picture a couple of days ago so I put the 0 in place of the 3.

 Here it is without the change

 But what I like about this paper is that it can stay up after Christmas!
Look what you can use it can let the kid's know what they will need to go outside.
For the little ones you can draw the pictures and they will love being able to say what they need!
 Here is the first picture I had taken, I think they might need a coat!

This will be here soon enough!
The other use for this paper was these cute little mixed media plaques. 
I adhered the paper for the background, painted the snowman,
then adhered some rub-ons over the top.
to finish this cutie off I applied bees wax over the top!

One more using paper from the same deck
of Cosmo Cricket
Chalkboard Cheer!

Will I see you on Friday when I share some of my Christmas decorating?
I will be including some cute little burlap curtains that I made!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Wreath!

 How are you doing with your Christmas decorating?

I have to admit I did start a little early this year.
Yep, I was one of them people.
 Buttttttt.....I had an excuse.......Really I did!
We were going out of town and I was bringing my youngest g-daughter and I wanted to see her eyes when she walked in the door! It was "Meme, What happened in here? It's kinda like Christmas!"
It was worth it!

Now I want to share with you these canvas shapes that Cosmo Cricket calls Creative Canvas.

I have fallen for these, Really so many things you can do with them.
Embellish them, paint them, mixed media, photo transfer........
The list could go on and on!

So here are the four shapes they have. Hexagon, tag, heart and a banner.
I have used 3 of the four. I am waiting to get more banners so that I can make a photo transfer for each birthday of my grand daughter, string them together for her birthday every year.
I thought that it would be a great keepsake and decoration for birthday and graduation...well when that time comes.....she is only four!

So here is what I did with the hexagon Creative Canvas, I painted a Santa face. I thought he would look really good on the hexagon, so I sketched him out on paper to see how it would look and then sketched him onto the hexagon and started to paint. I finished and loved him!
So I sent a picture to Julie at Cosmo Cricket and she said it was very nice, but what are you going to do with it? 
Ummmmmm, I don't know?????? 
So I set it to the side, maybe something would come to me.
 And it is what I did. I bought a wreath for $2.99, Ribbon half off for $3.00, Believe sign for $1.00 and I had the rest. Sat down and made my front door wreath with it! I think it turned out pretty darn cute and I think it is the least expensive wreath I have ever had!

Had to send it to Julie and tell her I did something with the hexagon Creative Canvas!

What do you think? I would love to know!

Here is a tag made with Creative Canvas.
I love how this one turned out also. I painted, glittered, glued wooden charms from Cosmo Cricket.
Have you seen them? You need to!

 Not Christmas related, however it it Creative Canvas related!

I used the Heart on this little baby gift!
Very sweet for a little girl. I just covered the canvas with Cosmo Cricket paper from Tea For Two, then I sketched a little dress and added the Wood Charms again from Cosmo Cricket. Added a few layers of ribbon and add a ribbon hanger and double bow with a vintage button and here is a great baby shower gift!
 Just another angle!

Visit the Cosmo Cricket blog for more ideas using the Creative Canvas!
So these above are direct links to different ways Julie has used the Creative Canvas. 
Go check it out she has some great ideas! There is more than just these four, look around.

Okay enough for today, I will share more on Wednesday....More decorating and crafting!

See ya Wednesday!