Monday, March 10, 2014

Graphic 45 2014 Design Team Audition

Okay I may be nuts, but I am going to try this one more time. 
3 strikes and your out! That's what they say!
Yes, I have tried 3 times....I skipped last year!

I think sometimes other plans are made for you and it turned out to be a blessing that I was not chosen to be on the team. That being said.......On to my first project...............

This is a 5X7 photo frame, I took the glass out so that I could make this dimensional. Yes, I did cut out each and every one of those darn poppies. I then layered them to give the dimensional look I was going for!
Here is my second project, I love the way this turned out. I altered a vintage lunch box!
It is so fun! I put wheels and a knob at the top. I then altered the inside to hold a small altered book and some blocks and note cards to write down notes about your child. I used ABC Primer Collection and I had some vintage teacher cards I used. This all about the vintage look! Love this!
This would look so cute displayed on a shelf in a child's room!

Now if that was not enough Memory space in the small altered book, how about project #3?
This is a altered book with those vintage teachers cards and ABC Primer combined to make this fabulous book to capture all of you child's school pictures and notes!

 Page 1 & 2                                                                                   


Page 5 & 6

Page 7 & 8

9 & 10

11 & 12

13 & 14

                  Back page   - I am missing 2 pages, but I think you get the idea!
This I thought was a cute idea to use as a prop each year with a new number on it for school or birthdays!

Now Each of these are separate projects, they look adorable all together! FYI the book also fits into the opening on the lunch box shelf. Like I said so cute on a shelf in a child's room! Decor and memories all in one!

This is a big box! I found this at a vintage sale for 5 bucks! SCORE!
I have been waiting to do the perfect project with it and I think I achieved it! I have no idea what kind of box this was used for, but I turned it upside down to use it. I LOVE this. So many mini projects in this Olde Curiosity Shoppe, don't you think?
 So much to look funny is the jar with the double light bulbs on it. I made it out of a Glade plug in! LOL! The stupidest things you can use. (My husband is always throwing something away and I am always taking it out of the garbage) Oh no! Does this make me a garbage digger?
 Check out the cool arm I picked up at the coolest shop here in Colorado! I have another I am saving for another treasured project!
 Did you spot the dress form. She has a clock key sticking out of her back! Ouch!
 Just some closer shots......hope your not bored yet!
 Another shot with the magnify glass next to it rather then on top.
 Last shot!
 Here is decor piece I will hang up for Easter.
Hand rolled flowers!
 This piece is not so much a Graphic 45 piece-however I wanted to show you how I create dress forms.
She is a tall piece. She is taller then the box and that is pretty big. I have more detailed pictures here on this.
It really quite details to show here in this post.

 Back side
But I know you know who made her shoulder pieces!

And as I final-I wanted to show one of my favorite blast from the past!
I loved every minute of creating this clutch!
Thanks for looking!



Ann B said...

Still trying to catch my breath! Holy Cow, woman! You're like the most creative person I know. SERIOUSLY!!!!
I don't know what I love most...*sigh*
If I had 1/16th of your talent, oh the things I could do. said...

HOLY COW, GIRLFRIEND! Those are spectacular! Wow! If they don't hire you, I WILL!

Lisa H said...

Wow, look at all those cool projects!! good luck with the DT, I think you have a very strong showing. I especially like the vintage box you altered. =)

GreenMonsta00 said...

Great projects, they're all so different and unique.

Kristin Lindstrom said...

Donna you are AWESOME! I think my favorite is the lunch box! I still think you should move back here and let some of that creativity rub off on me. It's not fair that you have it all! (p.s. it's dumpster diver not garbage digger! LOL!)

Hetty said...

Wow, that is a compete exhibition of artwork. i loveit and I hope they pick you.

mamablitger said...

Donna you are taking away my breath. You have been so busy. What a lot of terrific things you have created. Truly ART !!!! Gosh I love your style !!
Thanks a lot for sharing .
Hugs from SPAIN

Charee Filimoehala said...

Donna, well done! You projects are gorgeous versatile and well photographed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with Graphic 45(again, it is always a pleasure.)-Charee