Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Artist on the Block - Block 2 & 3

The Artist on The Block take 2!

Meaning 2 more blocks to share with you!

I showed you the middle block of the three blocks that I won.
So today I will share with you the small block and the large block!

I am telling you...these are addicting!!!
I need more! I have so many ideas!

Okay here is the little one!

I wanted this to look dimensional and vintage.
So I used paper that resembled mixed media, then added buttons and snaps.
 Side view- of course I had to use Distress inks and ruff that paper up.
 Top, side, front

On to my next block-I wanted it to look like a old beat up trunk.
I achieved that by using grunge paper, distress inks, and paints.
I used Tim Holtz Box Corners, which really makes it look like a old
trunk. I really beat up the grunge paper to give it that old worn look.
 I even made small handles
 Here are the two together
 I really like the way these turned out!
 I am telling you....the ideas running around in my mind are endless!
I must get these dies.
 Here are my 3 Artist on the Block creations. 
This is the next best thing to chocolate! Yes you read that right!

 I am hooked!

Thanks for stopping by.


Linda M. Cain said...

Me too!!! LOVE these!


Mary C. Nasser said...

Love your ideas and what you created!

Amy* said...

Love these so much Donna! The grunge paper straps look like real leather...amazing! And the little one reminds me of a rabbit ear Television...adore them!


steffi said...

Brilliant! Love the trunk :)

Anonymous said...

The trunk is way awesome! Can I have some of your talent? :)

Lisa H said...

These are so cool too! The trunk one is my favorite. =)

Hetty said...

Wow, that looks absolutely wonderful!

Dorothy said...

Wow!!! Amazing art!!

bearcrazyman said...

Very cool

okienurse said...

WooHoo! Love the blocks! I got started on blocks about 4 years ago and mine were made from a 2x4 and a friend went to making them with pieces cut from landscape timbers. Love blocks of any sort! Okienurse