Friday, January 22, 2016

Octopus with Easy Sculpt

I just want to share a quick blog post about a class that I took while at CHA! The class was with teacher Ann Butler and she was teaching us how to use Easy Sculpt (click on it to find out more) 

As most of you know I use Creative Paperclay and I have been wanting to try out other options!

This was my chance!

This is what the product looks like out of the box. We had to take part of A and same amount of part B and mix them together. We did the whole batch, which took some strength. Normally you would not be mixing the whole batch. Once we did that we put it into a mold that was made for us to use! It was the cutest frog! But we had to wait for it to set, so we were able to play with our clay that was left. 

So I started to play and what fun it was! Everyone in class was making different sculptures, mine was this a squiddy octopus! I thought I had taken pictures of it in its form at class. I can't find them?
So here is a picture after I added gesso to it. When sculpting her I did not have time to add details to her, so when I returned home I added the eyes and the suctions. I used beads for the suctions.

 I went on to paint it with Deco Art media fluid acrylics.

 I just had to put her in a water background! LOL!

I have to say I will be using this product again and I really enjoyed the class!

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT day!