Friday, March 22, 2013

Tattered Florals

What could bring me out of the mound of boxes and do something?

Well a challenge!

A tattered floral challenge....................

You see that tim holtz had to go and have this challenge right in the middle of moving or shall I say unpacking?

Does he know all of my stuff is half in boxes...?

Dig, dig deeper and deeper until I found my stuff and I started.

Everyone has done such an amazing job, I don't know why I am bothering....but, I had to try!

Huge, Huge, HUGE prize involved!

So here goes.......oh, you know I had to rust it up and make it Halloween! Yes even though it is spring!
A little closer view
Is he afraid of the flower of the ghost in the flower?
Love my rusted tree
Check out his body....this was made using electrical tape and put on chipboard and then embossed with one of tim's folders. Well not tim's, it's mine. He made it though. LOL!
I cut off part of it and used it at the bottem of the canvas
Here is a close up of a rusty floral.
I use metal mesh, electrical tape, chipboard, and Ten Second Studios
Ver-day paint-iron. Most important....I used the tattered floral die, by tim holtz. 

I hope you enjoyed my entry.

Good luck everyone!