Thursday, February 5, 2015

Random Love

Random Love!

Hi All!
Bet you thought I was lost forever!
First Christmas, I was off to CHA next, came home for 5 days and off to Minnesota to see family and now I am home and ready to start the new year! I know it's February! But I have to start somewhere! LOL! 

First I have been holding out on you! 
Yes, its true! I have had a secret............!

I am now a member of a new DT! Canvas Corp Brands has asked me to be a Crew Member!
I was am so excited!
Our first mission was to create a card and envelope for Valentines day and send or give it to someone who is not expecting it. So What I choose to do is............................
Not send it to anyone, but drop it in a random place for someone to find it!

This is why I call it Random Love!

This world needs more LOVE! The headlines have been horrible and if just one person sends some Random Love and then that person gives a smile to someone and then that person buys someone a on and so on. This one piece could effect more then just one! Wouldn't that be great?
So if you live in Colorado, you just might see this laying around waiting to be found!

Materials used:

Canvas Corp Black & Kraft Ribbon Stripe
Canvas Corp Kraft Envelope and Card
Sewing Machine 
Black thread
Red Acrylic paint
Glue Dots® Glue Lines
Simple to put together

Cut Canvas Corp Black & Kraft Ribbon paper to fit just inside of card
Cut a piece of Kraft paper to fit onto the Black & Kraft paper
Stitch the word love onto the Kraft paper
Cut out heart freehand and stitch heart and scraps onto Kraft paper as shown
Stitch Kraft paper onto Black & Kraft Ribbon paper
Add paint with stencil (optional)
Adhere to card using Glue Dots® Glue Lines

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day!

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Chana said...

Lovely design! Really like your paper choice..nice combo!
Chana Malkah