Friday, February 20, 2015

Chippy Chair Redo!

This chair was headed to the dump! 

I had to intercept and SAVE it!
 As you can see it is pretty worn, it wobbles, but not done in this life!

Materials Needed for this project:

*Old chair
*Plaid Folk Art Home Decor Chalk paint-Parisian Grey
*Plaid Folk Art Home Decor Wax-Clear
*Plaid Folk Art Home Decor Wax-Antique
*Plaid Craft wax and chalk finish paint brushes
*Lint free rags-extra rags for hands

I cleaned the chair and made sure all of the screws were all tight. Sanded any of the loose areas of paint. I did not sand hard, I wanted this chippy look to shine through.
 Before starting my base coat I caked on some Vaseline in areas where I did not want the Plaid Folk Art Chalk paint to stick. Paint right over it.
This is what the chair looked like after base coat and clear wax were applied and cured.
Time to buff out using a soft lint free rag.
Time to apply my Plaid Folk Art Home Decor Antique Wax. Let cure overnight. Using a lint free rag, buff to the sheen you desire.
At this point, I wanted some words on my new chair. I went to Pic Monkey and chose the wording and style I wanted and printed it out. Using transfer copy paper I transferred the words to the chair.

Using acrylic paint I painted the letters. I did put a coat of the Plaid Fold Art Home Decor Clear wax over the letters and let cure. Again I buffed it out and now I have a CUTE chair for my studio!

 I can use it, I can decorate it. I can use it as a prop!


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mamablitger said...

Wow... This is impressing !!! Love your result. What a great idea adding the text on the chair.
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely idea.
Hugs from Monica.... Spain