Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easy and Fun Garden Flag

Are we sick of winter yet? yes, yes, yes!

Ready for SPRING?  Duh?

Well I have something for you to work on while you wait for spring!

Let's make a Fun and Easy garden flag! 
Finished size is 11" X 18"

This great fabric is fun, bright and super easy to use!
Some super fun names of the fabric.....
Orange Crush
Bubble Gum
Sea Green
These are just a sample of them!

What is this Fabric called?
It is called oly*fun!
This is made by Fairfield.

It comes in so many great colors!
Another fun does NOT fray! No hems...if you don't want to!
It can go outside or inside!

 Materials Needed:

oly*fun-variety of colors
Sky blue
Orange crush
Sea green
Bubble gum

Embroidery Thread to match
2 black buttons
3 misc. buttons
1 metal rod or wood dowel
Black cord for hanging
Sewing machine (optional)
Clover Kanzashi flower maker (optional)
Sizzix Eileen Hull die - bird
Die cut machine


1. Draw out project (or copy mine)
2 Cut 2 - 11" X 20" of Sky Blue oly*fun (this will be your front and back of flag)
3.Using your drawing cut out house, butterfly, leaves, etc...also cut bird using your sizzix die.

4. Pin on pole and hand stitch it to front of flag
5. Pin base of house on and hand stitch it to the front of flag just above the pole

6. Pin roof, base and birdhouse hole onto base of the birdhouse and hand stitch them
7. Pin butterfly body and bird on and hand stitch. Add wings of butterfly over the body base and stitch
8. Hand stitch a dotted line behind the butterfly to resemble her flight
9. Using the Clover Kanzashi flower maker, make 3 flowers and stitch onto flag
10. Hand stitch stems and leaves to each of the flowers
11. Machine stitch front of flag to back of flag
12.Turn 2" over on top to make a pocket for the rod to go through. I stitched the 2 black buttons on to hold it in place. Add you rod into the pocket and tie cord around rod and hang

***It would be really fun to use your child's drawings to make flags. It would be fun for them to see their art in the yard or even on the front door!

Last shot of the flag.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did! I am going to try and find some kids art and make a banner with it! I think that is a GREAT idea!

Here is a pattern you can use. Print it out on a letter size paper and it should be the right size.
The pole size is 9 1/4" X 1 1/2"

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