Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Wreath!

 How are you doing with your Christmas decorating?

I have to admit I did start a little early this year.
Yep, I was one of them people.
 Buttttttt.....I had an excuse.......Really I did!
We were going out of town and I was bringing my youngest g-daughter and I wanted to see her eyes when she walked in the door! It was "Meme, What happened in here? It's kinda like Christmas!"
It was worth it!

Now I want to share with you these canvas shapes that Cosmo Cricket calls Creative Canvas.

I have fallen for these, Really so many things you can do with them.
Embellish them, paint them, mixed media, photo transfer........
The list could go on and on!

So here are the four shapes they have. Hexagon, tag, heart and a banner.
I have used 3 of the four. I am waiting to get more banners so that I can make a photo transfer for each birthday of my grand daughter, string them together for her birthday every year.
I thought that it would be a great keepsake and decoration for birthday and graduation...well when that time comes.....she is only four!

So here is what I did with the hexagon Creative Canvas, I painted a Santa face. I thought he would look really good on the hexagon, so I sketched him out on paper to see how it would look and then sketched him onto the hexagon and started to paint. I finished and loved him!
So I sent a picture to Julie at Cosmo Cricket and she said it was very nice, but what are you going to do with it? 
Ummmmmm, I don't know?????? 
So I set it to the side, maybe something would come to me.
 And it did..................here is what I did. I bought a wreath for $2.99, Ribbon half off for $3.00, Believe sign for $1.00 and I had the rest. Sat down and made my front door wreath with it! I think it turned out pretty darn cute and I think it is the least expensive wreath I have ever had!

Had to send it to Julie and tell her I did something with the hexagon Creative Canvas!

What do you think? I would love to know!

Here is a tag made with Creative Canvas.
I love how this one turned out also. I painted, glittered, glued wooden charms from Cosmo Cricket.
Have you seen them? You need to!

 Not Christmas related, however it it Creative Canvas related!

I used the Heart on this little baby gift!
Very sweet for a little girl. I just covered the canvas with Cosmo Cricket paper from Tea For Two, then I sketched a little dress and added the Wood Charms again from Cosmo Cricket. Added a few layers of ribbon and add a ribbon hanger and double bow with a vintage button and here is a great baby shower gift!
 Just another angle!

Visit the Cosmo Cricket blog for more ideas using the Creative Canvas!
So these above are direct links to different ways Julie has used the Creative Canvas. 
Go check it out she has some great ideas! There is more than just these four, look around.

Okay enough for today, I will share more on Wednesday....More decorating and crafting!

See ya Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

How fun! The wreath looks absolutely fantastic!