Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Glue Dots® 20/20 Blog Hop

It's a  Glue Dots® Blog hop!

gifts for $20.00 and under in 20 minutes or less!

this is gonna be awesome!

My girls always wanted to bring flowers to their teachers, so instead of buying a coffee cup full of candy this is what I would do.

for mine, I am using some stuff from around the house and outside!

First do you have a sweater that maybe hubby threw in the wash and it shrunk?
How about an empty jar?
Mine is a jelly jar. (I keep them all the time)

 Well you are going to take that sweater and make a cute thrifty vase with it!
 Line up the sleeve to the height of the jar and find where you should cut. Cut the sleeve off!
 Now you will use your Glue Dots® Lines and wrap it once around your jar. Then put sleeve on from the top to the bottom.

 I bought this cute little bouquet at my local grocery store. It was $7.99 and it had a cute little gold spray in it. I needed some pine to go into it, so outside to cut some from the tree. I then added it to the arrangement. I then tied some green ribbon into a bow.
Added a cute little tag with Glue Dots® Ultra Thin and there you go a neat thrifty vase that can be used all winter long and for years to come!
Sweater = 0
Jar = 0
Bouquet = 7.99
Ribbon = $2.00 (Says 3.99 but I got it on sale!)
Pine tree = 0
Tag = .25

Grand total for cute winter vase = $10.24

thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out all of the blogs! I know I can't wait to see what they do, who knows I may learn a thing or two!

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Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea! Makes me wish I didn't just donate two sweaters yesterday. Beautiful project!

lindaplus3 said...

That is such a neat idea :)

Iris said...

Cute idea.
isoscia at aol dot com