Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chalkboard Cheer

I said I would be back on Wednesday and here I am!

I have more Christmas to share!

I received this 8" X 8" mini deck and thought that it was brilliant! Great colors, traditional but not!

So many things I could do with it, well it just so happened that my hubby brought some cabinet doors home from a job and asked, "if I could use them?"


So in my mind I thought it would make a cute Christmas countdown Chalkboard!

Guess what the name of this mini deck.................Chalkboard Cheer! LOL!
Another great paper by Cosmo Cricket.
So here is the cabinet door to recycle instead of going into a dumpster!
(I have more, so happy)

 Here is after I sprayed the door with chalkboard paint and  then I started to layout the papers.
I thought it would be cute to cut all the pieces like a quilt pattern. I laid them all out to see
where I liked them and to make sure it all fit.
 Time to start gluing! it is! I took the picture a couple of days ago so I put the 0 in place of the 3.

 Here it is without the change

 But what I like about this paper is that it can stay up after Christmas!
Look what you can use it can let the kid's know what they will need to go outside.
For the little ones you can draw the pictures and they will love being able to say what they need!
 Here is the first picture I had taken, I think they might need a coat!

This will be here soon enough!
The other use for this paper was these cute little mixed media plaques. 
I adhered the paper for the background, painted the snowman,
then adhered some rub-ons over the top.
to finish this cutie off I applied bees wax over the top!

One more using paper from the same deck
of Cosmo Cricket
Chalkboard Cheer!

Will I see you on Friday when I share some of my Christmas decorating?
I will be including some cute little burlap curtains that I made!

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sally said...

Great makes! Don't you just love a recycle project that really works? That cupboard door is just great :-)