Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm tired

I am so blasted tired. But so uplifted from my weekend. I went to a Chick Flick Themed Crop/Retreat. It was so blasted fun! Ask me what movies were yeah, I don't know. I remember them going in the player and I remember the credits at the end, everything in between was laughing, scrapping, laughing again. At one point I almost wet my pants, okay to much information, but we were laughing so hard it hurt. Pine City Scrapbook Company/Retreat Center is the place to stay if your ever in the area. The owners are so nice and the staff is top notch. The store is 4,000 square feet and it is attached, yes attached to the retreat center. That rocks, so when you are looking for just the right piece of paper or in my case some Tim Holtz inks or metals, just walk right out and put it on a tab. Of course when your having that much fun, you are not getting any sleep. Friday bedtime-3:30am-up at 9:30am......Saturday bedtime-5:30am-up at 9:30am, you don't want to miss anything!

I love my diet cokes and did have to leave a few times to get some, if you don't know me, they must come from a fountain, they are the best. However when one of the staff members (Lynn aka also my friend) came to work she brought me one on Saturday night. Awwwwwww, how sweet! I wake up Sunday morning and in comes another scrapper friend and what does she have in her hand? A diet coke, yes that's right, Peggy, my scrapping pal brought me a very much needed diet coke after a hard night of scrapping. Thank you girls, you must love me!

Okay, I did get something done. The box is officially done. Yes! Those of you who know me, know I like short fast get er done type projects. I get distracted so I do small books and don't really scrapbook. I do projects. So as you have seen the front of the box and 1 page, here are a few of the other pages. I do like the way this turned out. I love my Dad and wanted this to have this out on the table to look at and share with others. The pictures are great. My Dad just turned 80 in March. So here we go. (Mom if you reading this I love you also, but I need some pictures of you so I can do a box of you) (hint, hint)

Those of you who scrap will notice I used the packaging from jenny bolins buttons for a frame. (who needs the buttons, although they are cute) I love the package. Some vintage lace, flower-prisma, Tim Holtz ideaology, vintage hook, Inks = Distress Inks-Tim Holtz, Jenny Bolin milk cap, tag from 7 gypsies. Picture of Dad. (I think he looks like Spanky from the Little Rascals).

This page was don with some gesso dabbed here and there, then distress inks were used over it and then stamped over it. Stamped clock and added Tim holtz ideaology spinners.

This one is one of my favorite pages. Can you guess why? It is the picture. I love this picture of my Dad, it is so cute! Stamp is from Tim holtz, pin is also Tim's. Tag is 7 gypsies, the metal trike is from Micheal's arts and crafts jewelry department, vintage snaps. All pages are done with 7 gypsies papers.

So I hope you enjoyed!
So all the gals that I scrapped with this weekend I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I know you did.
Tami - the card maker - you had fun! Enjoy your tag. How many times did you shed tears from laughing?
Cindy - could you win any more prizes? You sure are lucky.
Peggy - ink on. Your starting to get grungy!
Janet, Marge, Lynn, Marni, Linda, Savannah, Linda and the others who I am sorry I forgot your names. Thanks for the memories. Had me a blast!

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Enjoy the art around you!


7gypsies said...

Hi Donna!
One of the gypsies here... Love what you've done with our papers. They look funky fabulous!
jgypsy- 7gypsies

Anonymous said...

Your box is GORGEOUS Donna! Glad to hear that you had a good time, are you up to it again next month?


Diane said...

Hi Donna. Sure wish I could have been there to join in your fun!! Hey, you could have called me and I'd have driven down 300 miles with some Depends for you. :o) By the way, did you wear your new shoes? I bet that's where all the fun came from. Love those shoes!! Got your hi from Peggy. But I can't in any way imagine you guys laughed that hard. We never did. NOT!


Tami Wood said...

hey donna
going big time!

Caterpillar Creations said...

I told you you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!