Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So what do you think of the change? I like it, no I love it, it is so ME! As I was talking with my Web Master (Little Sister), I told her I would love to jazz up the blog and I woke up to this! WOW! Is that great or what? The blog fairy came down from blog heaven and put her magic wand to work and made it so ME! So I am sending out a BIG THANK YOU, to my personal blog fairy.

On to this month's ATC.................
This month's theme was weddings or something that makes us happy. I really did not think I would do anything wedding. Happy sounds more me. However when I sat down this is what popped out of my head????????? WHY? I have no idea. It works and my daughter loved it and that is good enough for me.

A little better shot.....
Last week I had my g-kids here for a few days and this is what happens when you show a 4 yr old how to take pictures with your camera.

Picture of Memes legs and Tina...........what was he thinking?
Ugly dog?
Picture of the TV, you know you can't have enough Sponge Bob!
And last............Meme it does work!..............You can take a picture of yourself!!!!!!!!!
Okay, this is last. Look at that face. Who needs a pacifier? My grandchild sucks her tongue!
And finally, a smile to end the blog for the day!
Have a great day! Oh, did I tell you, my blog rocks!

Quit reading this and go create something!


Anonymous said...

Love the new touch on the blog,so classy and elegant! It almost makes me want to update mine!

Anonymous said...

OPPS. that was me that commented!


Erin said...

I wish that blog fairy would come visit me. I need some major help. Love your ATC, your work is always out of this world.

Tami Wood said...

hey donna. hope you had fun last nite. I love your new blog master and your atc rocks! miss u. I finally got to the scrapbook store and I loved it. I also popped into Marni's. it was great shopping on Sunday and had fun at the lake.

Tami Wood said...

Hi again.
where are you??? I know you had company but its been so long. I miss ewe Donna girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

are u going to ATC nite?