Saturday, May 23, 2009

Check out my new shoes! I love them. Some of you have caught a glimpse of my other pair of Ed Hardy's, which are just as fancy. This pair has more color, which I love. My grandson asked if I can run faster in them. My response: No, but I look cool! In which he looked at me and smiled. I wonder what that meant? He is 4 and 1/2, he tells everyone. However I did tell him he is now
4 and 3/4 and he thought that was cool!

Another shot!

This is a book I had put together for the girls in the family and some friends girls. I happen to do this to keep myself busy while my husband was having surgery for his cancer. It was good therapy for me to have something to work on. Then be able to use it as gifts. Each of the covers were custom for each child.

This is the first page in the book.

This is one of the pages in the book. I will not show you every page, it has quite a few. I also put blank pages in so that they could draw and add pictures to make it their own. I loved this page.

The girls loved filling in the blanks. I also gave them each stickers and colored pencils to add their own flare to the book.
When I finished the original book, I then took it to the printers and had them print 30 copies of the book. I brought them home and started to make the covers and then bound each one. I loved the way they turned out. The kids really enjoyed them, along with their parents. Some parents did not let their kids use this book unattended (you know who you are) because they did not want any mistakes or scribbles in it. They wanted it for a keepsake. How funny is that? I wish the pictures were better, but I think you get the idea.

On to other business. Tina my dog. She got a haircut. Finally! She looked like a long haired fur ball before. Now she looks like a Yorkie again. See the pink bow? Yeah that lasted all of
3.4 minutes.

Here is a picture of the other dog in the house (kei kei) getting all tough, thinking this was a new dog in the house. Goof ball was barking and smelling up a storm. It was to funny. This happens every time I take Tina in to get her haircut. Kei Kei thinks it is a new dog.

Well that's it for this evening, be back soon.
Go get inky!


Tami Wood said...

Donna you are a real gem. I am so glad I found you. Number one the shoes are just the coolest. You are the coolest and so talented. i love your books and I love my gift. What a pleasant surprise. I can't stop looking at it. You are such a good friend. I want to get you something. I appreciate all the wonderful things you do for me. Most importantly I love being your friend. You are such an incredible artist. Thanks again for my book. I will treasure it forever. I loved having you in my class today and I love Graphic 45 so much. I can't wait until Friday. Its going to be so fun. big hugs from one of your biggest fans. I have your ruler. I'm so sorry. xoxoo

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE those shoes!! I need those shoes. geesh. When are we gonna go shopping??

Caterpillar Creations said...

Now what parent wouldn't let their child be a part of this wonderful keepsake....sheesh!!!!

Caterpillar Creations said...

OH! and by the way....LOVE the shoes. I wear a size 7 and my birthday is coming up...hehe!