Monday, February 24, 2014

Making signs with Masks

I am having so much fun with these Hazel & Ruby masks!
I started a couple more signs.
I have repurposed some scraps of baseboard that were going into the garbage!
I see wood like this and always try to save it.
Some pieces were only 4" wide, but I can make something out of it.
Some had some really bad knots in them. Heck turn it over, sometimes it does not go all the way through.

So you can see the edges were a bit ruff, so I just sanded them down a bit. Took all of 4 or five minutes for all of my boards.
So my boards looked like this after I sanded them.

 Then I painted them. I swear the hardest part to using these masks is waiting for your paint to dry!

After your paint is dry, you can add mod podge over the top of your paint and wait for it to dry.
Then add your letters. Although on this sign, I have to say I skipped the mod podge and just stuck the letters on. But I would not do that if I was using a paper background or the surface is uneven.

You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.
Here it is all done. I used the back of the boards, the fronts had some pretty good knots in them.
But I love the look of the grooves on the back of the boards!
For the polka dots I used a cap and just dabbed the cap in the paint and then just
pressed it onto the board. They turned out perfect.
Then when both were all dry, I took a sanding block and lightly sanded both of the signs.
 I like how the color underneath shows. Gives it a worn look.

 While I was at it I did this little sign out of one of the smaller pieces of board. Notice I used the front of
of the board for this sign and it also looks Great!

 So just a few more projects with Hazel & Ruby Masks.

Just so you know.....I have NOT been paid for this advertisement! I just LOVE them!

Now if you would like to go and see what Hazel & Ruby have available go check it out
Click on the link here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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