Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day Two - Valentine's

 Well it is Tuesday, (really Sunday) and I am back to share
                three more cards I did using Cosmo Cricket.

I love this one! 
It is small and super cute and was really easy and fast. Same ingredients as yesterday...

Starlet Glitter Sheets
Wood Charms - Hearts
I cheated on the background paper here and used dare I say....Tim Holtz?
Little black paint

I cut my card stock to be slightly larger then the Wood Charm and adhered the background paper to the card stock. I painted my arrow, while it was drying I adhered the glitter sheet behind the hearts. I then just adhered the whole wood charm down with "the Ultimate Glue". By that time the arrow was dry and I added that to the Wood Charm with glue.


For this one, I painted a tree directly onto the paper. Just a basic tree, nothing special!
Painted a heart in the center to look as if it were carved. Added initials in the heart.
Then I wanted to use the Wood Charms in the tree, so I covered one with the Glitter Sheet. The other two I stamped a I and a U. Then added them to the tree using thread, eash of the hearts already have holes in them so it really make it so easy. I then just stitched around the card. Added the scrap of paper at the bottom and added an arrow onto it. I added the thread into the holes of the arrow and tied a bow.
Something different! I like different!

Third and final card out of this series of cards.
All done with the same materials. (except for that paper from Tim) and now (this piece of canvas below)

For this card, I used-
card stock                       Glitter Sheet
Sticky Back Canvas       Mini Deck - Creative Girl
Wood Charms               Tassel
Paint                              Gesso
and a very important element and it would be optional, but I loved it....Wendy Vecchi's embossing paste!

This one I just had fun with! Well, I had fun with all of them! I am just saying I had fun on this one a little more? I cut the canvas to fit on top of the card stock. I then gessoed the canvas and found the paints I wanted to go on. I used the gesso as the white and layered the paint on. Then I decided to add some texture using a stencil and Wendy's embossing paste. Then I had to wait for it to dry........waiting......waiting.....sip of pop. Oh it's got to be dry.......waiting.........DONE!

Now if I would have planned this, I could have just put the paint onto my mat and mix the embossing paste with the paint and it would have been done in one step! But, no! Not planned, never planned!

So I added a few layers of paint, scratched at the canvas to add more texture. Unraveled the outside lines of the canvas a bit. I stamped with paint onto the canvas with a little stamp XOXO.  I then cut out the heart from the Glitter sheet and added it, covered anther of the wood charms arrows with the Glitter sheet and snipped away the extra. Adhered the arrow and the Wood Charm "you" down. tied some twine and added a tassel. Couple strips of Creative Girl Mini Deck.

these two together. So Cute!

Here is all three together!

6 cards (3 from yesterday and 3 from today) with the basically the same ingredients, that I think each has it's own personality and look!

Tell my what you think......................!

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