Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Darn embossing paste......I Love You!

Today I was working on a new dress form. Key word...WAS!

I love making them, this one is going to be really awesome! I found a antique kerosene lantern bottom and I will be using it for the base. It is rusty and red and it will be very interesting. I have got as far as all the drilling and screws secured and dress form attached. I made the pattern and cut out the corset. I embossed the corset and have to sew it together. That's where it ended. I was getting frustrated in the fitting of her busts in proportion to her waist. So it is off to the side!


So what to do?
Play with embossing paste!

I have fallen in LOVE with Paste.....
Just like the 1st grade, when I ate paste.
Then in 3rd and 4th grade I would put it on my hands and face and let 
it dry, then peel it off like my skin was coming off!

But this time it is a Embossing Paste by Studio 490 - Wendy Vecchi!
I am going to have to go to embossing paste's anonymous!

Or my husband better get a raise, or I better get a job! Because at 
this rate, I am going to need cases of this stuff! Seriously LOVE it! 
I can't wait to get the crackle paste!

I am at the point I am making things out of my color comfort zone, flowers, me?
Since when?
At least I got a little grunge in this one. Not much though!


 Wonder what tomorrow will bring? A card? Painting? Mixed media?

 None of the above....I can scrape the rest out of the jar and make something else! HA!


Chris Garcia said...

I will have to buy some and try it out....

wendy vecchi said...

haha! nice way to start the day!
this looks great! you do flowers well!

the meetings are Tuesday 7pm!
but...I don't attend...I don't want the cure!

Winnie said...

Wow, love your piece! Such fun items and your flowers are amazing! I haven't been able to find her white paste yet in my local store, but have found her black paste and love it. I will give it a go when I find it. Thanks for the kind visit today and words on my card.