Monday, December 21, 2009

Waxed snowman

Well I am back, just as I promised. Here are just 2 of the paintings that I did for my ATC group and the Pine City Girls and my Sis.Each one that I did was a bit different. I think by the time I was done, I had done 16 of these babies. That's a lot of waxing! But I love it.

This is something I put together. I wanted it to look vintage and I think it does. I use tinsel silver pipe cleaners, vintage music sheets and an old postcard. Glittered and TA DA! Oh and a bit of distress ink.
Oh and this I just had to post again.
Sorry she is just so cute!
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Off to create something for someone!


Anonymous said...

the snowman are so cute as always the santa to but little farris takes 1st place shes so cute

Caterpillar Creations said...

I WUV my snowman :)

That little vintage ornament is

Tami said...

hello from the east. How are you? I love my gift and hung it up the very next day. I love it meme. I also love the pics of your adorable grand-daughter. are u ready for the big storm? glad I missed it so I could fly here. ho ho ho naughty girl. santa baby!!

kristinlindstrom said...

Donna!!! You forgot to sign them! I am bringing mine with the next time you come up so you can sign it. You are going to have to come up soon, I need your inspiration!!!