Sunday, December 20, 2009

Look who saw Santa

Look who was checking out Santa!

Looks like he was Okay! What do you think?

She was very happy!

She loved him! Look at that smile! How cute is that!
I will post pictures tomorrow of my snowman wax pictures, I made them for my ATC buddies and my Pine City Girls, my Sis got one also.

Go create a smile, create some art and pass it on!


Caterpillar Creations said...

OMGosh!!! Can she really get any cuter...!?! Well, yea when I hold her she does...hehe!

Oh the snowman art is SPECTACULAR!!! They will LOVE them!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, OH MY, she is gorgeous!!! Looks like she is in love with the big guy! You are going to have a fun Christmas with her!


Grandma Jan said...

Did you save one for this ATC buddie? I guess you snooze you lose! That's the story of my life.