Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Question for you....................

Question for you..........."Does this mean I should have all my ducks in a row?" Is it a sign?

Okay I have not put up any pictures of Farris as of late and the Great Grandparents only come here for those pictures, so anyone who wants to see more of my painting you will have to fast forward to the end to see one. Sorry! But this is pretty cute!

Farris plays with her shadow! Crawls one way then the other.
Farris has a new hiding place! Can you see me!

Can you see me now!
Do you remember this?

I think I like this now. What do you think?
Next stage is a little more shading then beeswax! Oh my! Never have done beeswax before.
I am having so much fun with this painting and drawing thing, who knew?
I have not done the little girl yet, but will in next couple days. Picture does not do this justice if I do say so myself.
It's all glittery and shiny and pink!


Tami Wood said...

this is totally cool. WOW. do you know Misty Mawn? she does cool art like this.

I am coming to lexington soon. what day are you going to the fair?

Caterpillar Creations said...

I LOVED her before she was finished and lover her even more now :)

Erin said...

She's awesome, you rock!

Lynn said...

D- I have SOOOO been wanting to do this!!! How did I not know you were doing art journals??? Geesh. I am a LOZER!!

OK... we gotta get together and teach each other cool stuff.