Sunday, August 2, 2009

Journal stuff

Hi everybody, where have I been again? Well let's see? I have been playing around doing art, what else would I be doing? Well, I started a somewhat of a journal kind of thing. This is my first 2 pages and I like it. I like the busy feel and the colors. Never thought I would like color. Not big on pink and yet wait till you see a couple more of the pages. Pink, who knew?
So yep that is me at 5 years old thinking I was a artist. Some things never change. I am still thinking I am. This is a picture I had made for my parents for Christmas.
Here is the second page, it just list that I am 47 (ewwwwwwwww) and that I have some goals.

Now this is what I really have been working on. I am taking an online course with Suzi Blu and I am loving it. This is only the first week but I am soooo........ into it. I don't even care if anyone else likes my face on the dolls that I am drawing, I like them. Yeah!!!!!! Here is one of the first ones that I have done, just in pencil. Next week we will add color pencil to them. I love this.
I still have a lot of practice to do. Need to do different expression and hair and clothes. But like I said this is just one of the first ones. I will add a link to Suzi Blu on the side of my blog, you know over there.

Okay this is for the GG-Parents out there, here she is in her sun glasses. In the house because on this day it was raining. But you got to use them as props, right?
And here is one more of Farris doing what she does best! Just chillin' and looking cute!

Check back on Tuesday for more looks into the journal.
Now go create something.
I am off to scribble!

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I think you will have to draw some dolls for me to applique :)