Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I used PINK!

Here as promised. This page I have done with Clara. Just some of the pictures that I like of her. I added paint and ink and stamps. What gets me the most is that I used pink. Pink, of all the colors, I choose pink? But I do like it. I just followed the colors in Clara's dance costume and went from there. This was just fun!

Same picture.

This is the next page that follows Clara's page. I used ink and paint with a Tim Holtz mask. Pink again. On the next two pages I will write thoughts of Clara, like what special things she makes. Her smile, how she is always ready to give you a hug or tell you that you make pretty things. She is always making me cards telling me what a good Meme I am. I am enjoying this journal kinda thing a lot. I am having fun mixing pencils, inks, gesso, and paint.
Here are the two pages together. Of course you can see I am not quite done with the one side yet. Then of course the journaling must go in.
So there you have it a couple more pages in the book. I hope you enjoy this free style that I am into right now. I am still in practice mode with my drawings. I did draw about 12 more dolls today, however I think I only nailed 2 maybe 3. One of them could be the one I continue on with for my painting.
Till next time go do something fun!!!!!!

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