Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Box is Back

This is gonna be a long post. So go grab a cup of coffee or pop and enjoy. I'll be here waiting. Okay are ya ready. Here is the inside top of the box. This is my a picture of My fathers parents on their wedding day and the other 2 pictures are of my dad. Again I used the 7 gypsies papers. A piece of graphic 45. The oval frame is from K&Co. Flowers-prima.

Same picture, just a little different shading. No sun in Minnesota today. Hard to get a good picture.

Here is the first page on the inside of the box. All pictures are of my dad. Oh so cute. I love the one of him sitting on the stairs. He looks like Spanky from the little rascals show. Those of you old enough know who I am talking about. Just click on the picture to enlarge it. I used the 7 gypsies logo car on the layout, just cuz it looks good with the picture of my dad standing by the car. Added some old snaps at the bottom of the page, that's it. I will not go page by page but I did want to share at least part of the box.
Now on to the new. I tried something new for me. I worked with metal for the first time and this is what I did. Like I said, 1st time. I think I need to read more. Or practice. We will see what the future holds. Just something new.

Speaking of new, look out my backdoor.................Awe.........Babies..ok, they are geese but still.............babies...................Awe.......................

Come on, they are cute when they are all yellow and fluffy. Awe..............................
Okay you guys are tough. How about something else new. Farris had cereal for the first time.
Awe......................that's cute...............right?
Yeah, were still working with that. She just is not liking it a whole lot. But the Dr said she is to small and to active she needs more food.
So that about sums up everything new for now. Except, my father has been in contact with a relative from Norway that he did not know he had and he is very excited about that. My dad just turned 80 in March and never had any brothers or sisters, so finding someone on his fathers side has been very exciting for him. So Lena if your reading this, I am giving you a big Hello from your new family here in the states. Oh heck, how about a hug while I'm at it. Thanks for checking in with Dad, he is loving it.
Well I have kept everyone long enough, so I am off to create, scratch that, I am off to bed to dream of something to create.
Talk to you all soon. Thanks for looking!


Lena M Bakke said...

Hi Donna,
Yes, I am reading this - and really enjoying your blog. I'm so happy that I've found your father and all of you in the USA - and really looking forward to getting to know the American part of my family.
I will send you an email one of this days as well - have just been a bit busy this week.
Huuuuuge Hug from
Lena in Norway

Tami Wood said...

you are the best donna. this is amazing. I am going to pine city for the weekend and so is cindy and maybe 3 or 4 others. I HOPE my girl Donna will be there.

oh come on!!! You have to go. it won't be the same without you. So how bad do you want that owl. HOOT HOOT? So good seeing you on Sat. I only bought 2 pcs. of paper and one Make and take $1 but then I went to archiver's!! I love Graphic 45! cool chick donna in her new cool shoes. xoxoxo i can't wait to see you on Wed.

Anonymous said...

DONNA, I can't email you, tells me that comcast thinks I am SPAM!! Really I am good and I miss you dearly!

Anonymous said...

BTW, it was me LYNN that left the last post!