Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Canvas Corp Challenge-Make something with Fabric!

Challenge is on.......!

I took a Canvas Corp canvas fabric sheet like this one
 You can buy that HERE!
I cut it into a 13" X 18" piece

I then cut out a paper shaped pumpkin
 Used crayons to trace the pumpkin on. You could just draw straight onto the fabric if you would like!
 Using Americana-Deco Art paints I painted the pumpkin and stem
 I stamped Happy Fall using foam stamps and paint
 Here is where you can get creative. I took a black Pitt pen and started to doodle, added some glitter and just had fun adding squiggly lines around the letters and pumpkin!
 I frayed the sides a bit then I just ran a straight stitch up each side. Folded over about 2" and sew straight across the top. Also I added some felt leaves for fun!
 You could add a dowel rod and hang this on your door or inside the house. I just happened to have one of these flag holders handy and thought I could hang it on it for pictures!
 I tied a bit of Raffia to the flag holder just to give it a extra pop of autumn flavor. (whats fall without raffia)

I hope you liked my project with fabric! Make sure you head over to the Canvas Corp Blog for more inspiration!

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