Thursday, July 2, 2015

Western Tote with Canvas Corp!

 Hi Y'all, just had to say it!

I received this Boots and Saddle Canvas panel from Canvas Corp and decided to try something different! I did not want to use it in a layout or paint it. I let it sit and I waited till I came up with something.

So what I decided to do was embroider parts of the panel with embroidery floss. Nothing spectacular but not scrapbook related! I decided I would highlight some of the images by embroidering them. Nothing to hard, just a straight stitch.
 You will need:
1 Panel of the Boots and Saddle                   Needle
1 yard of fabric                                          Sewing Machine
Embroidery floss                                         Thread
Hoop                                                          Pins

 1. Embroider your panel. Use the color that coordinates with your fabric choice. I chose to do the skull, feather, cowgirls rope, pottery and the two designs.
Close up of skull
2. Cut one 3" piece of fabric for the side of panel and stitch together
3. Cut one 3" piece for bottom of panel and stitch-now your front panel should measure approximately 15" X 17". Cut three more panels out of fabric that measure 15" X 17".
4. Sew lining fabric right sides together on three sides (2 sides and the bottom). Now take your panel piece and back piece right sides together and stitch together on three sides (2 sides and the bottom)
5. Pinch bottom corner together and stitch across - 1 1/2" from top corner. (see above photo) Repeat on all four corners.
6. Cut two 4" X 22" piece of fabric for handles. Fold in half right sides together and stitch the open   side, leaving both ends open. Repeat for other handle. Turn right side out and iron flat.

7. Place lining fabric inside of outside fabric (panel piece) with right sides together.  Place straps in     between right sides of fabric on each side, 3" from side edge. Pin in place-sew about 1/2" from the     edge of bag leaving a 3" opening for turning.

8. Turn the bag right side out and iron it flat and tuck in the opening that was left open for turning.   Pin it shut and top stitch around top of bag.

It's reversible!!!!

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