Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Something New to try!

I was lucky enough to get some of these Sandits in the mail. I do Creative Paperclay work and also work with paper. I can tell you I am thoroughly impressed with the job these Sandits have done!

I have used them on paper and on Creative Paperclay and they have over exceeded my expectations!

The Sandits have two sides per stick and come in various grits.
They fit into small places and hard to reach areas.

If you ever have a chance to try them, no doubt you should!

You can check out Sandits facebook page HERE

 See the star on this card? I place the paper over the chipboard and had to try and get it as close to the chipboard to make it look clean. I cut as close to the chipboard as I could and then I used the Sandits to get it to look like it was made with the paper on it.
 On this small vase I used the Sandits to get into the small, curved areas. It was great to be able
to get into those hard to reach areas and have a nice clean finish.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you get the chance to try these! They are awesome!

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