Monday, September 23, 2013

Garbage Turned Halloween Decor

It's fall y'all, you know what that means................................

It's time to start decorating and making things for Halloween!

I love Halloween!

I know so many people like this time of year. The leaves change, the air is crisp, apple orchard time, pumpkin bars and HALLOWEEN!

Well I started to look at what was laying around in my craft mess and found 
some stuff I thought I could pull together.

This is a block of wood I saved from the garbage.

This is a broken candlestick that also was saved from the garbage

I have this cat and a pumpkin and a witch ornament I bought a while ago.
(one of those had to haves)
Also in my stash is the NEW Cosmo Cricket Glitter Sheets
(they are FANTASTIC! No messy glitter)

A drill, a dowel rod, garbage and some glue and a little imagination 
and you get some cute decorations for the home!
(For Halloween!)

Thanks for stopping by.

all comments welcomed here and appreciated!

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Marjie Kemper said...

What wonderful upcycling! Love the repurposed pieces.