Friday, October 8, 2010

More of our Visit

Here are a few more pictures of our visit to Colorado. Farris enjoys life in Colorado so much! She has the horses to ride and pet, she rides the 4 wheeler, the kitties, dogs and the rooster crowing......all of this makes her laugh and giggle so much. It is so fun to watch her face with awe and wonder!

She sure missed her Papa.....she cried and just clung to him when she saw him this time. Just so Papa knew she meant business, she would follow him everywhere! He was not leaving her sight, and he didn't for 9 days. She sure loves her Papa!

Here are pictures of Farris enjoying the 4 wheeler with Uncle Bill.

I have been replaced by a HORSE!........This is Rick's new girl.

I do have to admit, she is pretty darn cute!

But we need to have picnic's with her?
Here I am snuggling with another one of the 27 horses on the ranch.
(I had to take my own picture as Rick was busy with his other girl)
(oh and did you know.....horses don't care if your hair and make up are done or NOT!)

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for the weekly "Oh Alice" challenge.
See ya tomorrow!

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Grandma Jan said...

Great to know. Looks like the girls are having lots of fun in CO.