Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another layer & ATC's

Another gloomy day here in Minnesota with rain and I heard thunder today. Must mean spring is here, right? The real sign was the other day.......................
Smell of SKUNK!

I have always said spring is here when you smell the first skunk.
I have officially smelled skunk!

Today I started to cut out some bunnies, carrots and birds, I have my monthly ATC meeting next Wednesday and I need to get these done. So I have some of the elements together, but have not got a clue how it is going together. It will come, I hope.

I have at least 9 more to cut out so that gives me plenty of time to ponder.

I will do this while trying to decide what to have on.............Idol or Survivor?

Idol kinda sucks right now so I am leaning towards Survivor.

Well I put another layer on my painting today. She has almost come to a close. I am pondering a few more little things and a little more color on her face and then I must say she is ready to be waxed.
Well that's it for today. I don't think I will post tomorrow as I have little miss Farris and my James and Clara are coming for a overnight-er. Boy I am I going to be tired.

See ya soon! Thanks for your comments.

Check back oh let's say Sunday!

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