Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ahhhhhhhh Spring, the sunshine, the glimmer of the sun on the pond, a fresh breeze, yes that is spring. So what do you call This? Oh I forgot, you call this Minnesota!
Okay I have 2 new featured artist today. James and Clara. They are my little artist, they love to create the cutest presents for me. So the first is two wooden frames, with great colors. The colors are fabulous. The technique is quite colorful, on top of the paint they opted for some gold glitter. Then Clara finished hers off with some bling. James, however went with a different approach, he went for the painted wood objects. Then to make the frames really pop, add the favorite picture and what do you have? A wonderful work of art!
Now this next piece is just a one of a kind. A heart with Clara's hand stamped in the middle. This one of a kind will be in my heart forever. The colors, who knew pink, purple, orange, and fuchsia would look so good together.
Next, James also used the same technique with a choice of very bold colors. Reds, greens, yellow and his favorite, blue.
James did this fabulous flower pot. The tulip was just the extra color this pot needed. Don't you think? Mothers and Grandmothers all over would love a special little pot like these, for that up and coming holiday. These little artist know all those special holiday tricks.
Clara's take on the same idea, was more color on the pot and less on the plant. Clara chose a pansy for her plant, which coordinated lovely with her pot she had painted. What a great job Clara!

So when thinking of those special moments and gifts. My artist always say, "Make it homemade and they will love it", and they hint sometimes you should ask someone what their favorite color is because you can use it when you color or paint. So thank you to my very special guest artists, James and Clara, I hope you can show us more of your work in the future.

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Caterpillar Creations said...

SO sweet!!! They are following in Meme's footstep's.