Monday, March 23, 2009

I can do this now!

So that book I bought to help me with my blog. I guess I am not dummy enough, because I still need my Sassy, Smarty Pants, Younger, Little Sister to come help me. As pictured below with her better looking, warm, fun, witty sister. Since she has a blog and also sells on etsy I asked (begged) her to come help me. Thank God I have my grand daughter living here. It was part of the bribe. She loves holding babies. Check out her blog. Caterpillar Creations. Just click on it to the right.

Speaking of babies. Here is a picture of my baby. Her name is Tina and she found a very comfy bed, right in the baby car seat. How cute is that!

And here is what is suppose to be in that car seat. What a beauty. Her name is Farris, Farris of them all.


Tami Wood said...

Donna I am so proud of you. Good for you. Now I need to buy that book too.

It looks great.

Caterpillar Creations said...

you ROCK Sista!!!!!!!