Monday, March 30, 2009

Cutest bunny

Just wanted to share the cutest Little bunny. Notice she is asleep? That is because she would cry every time we put this on. Fooled her! This is a large spool that was lying around and I got this bright idea to do something with it. This is what it looks like now. This is when it is wound on the spool.
This is open.

This is a close up of the clothes hanging out on the line for everyone to see. The catch phrase is....She dared to air her dirty laundry. I hand beaded the slip for some added fun. That is tough to do on paper. Just a fun project I did. Sometimes I like to just try something for the fun of it and see what happens! This is made out of a paper grocery bag. I just ripped to size, painted, and added some hand sewing and stamping. Fun!

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