Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Flower Party!

Who says we have to just use paper for these flower dies?

I am Not following rules today!

Paper Flower Party a Sizzix Collection from Eileen Hull

I am using the NEW Flower Pansy die by Eileen Hull!
I am going to die cut the flowers out by using Makin's Clay®!

First I had to mix the white and the red together to make pink. I rolled it out till it was flat and thin.
Let dry over night.

I have dried sheets of the Makin's Clay that I put over the die and ran it through my Big Kick.

Cuts like butter!!!!

 Here they are all cut out, perfect cuts!

I put this flower together and popped it on top of a gift and look how beautiful it looks!


Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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Julia Aston said...

How clever to use clay for your beautiful bloom! the pink just bursts off the black box - a wonderful project! Julia xx

Krauchune said...

WICKED nice Donna!

Diana said...

no freakin' way!! that is so cool!!!!!