Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wooden Snowman made with Glue Dots®


Designed by: Donna Budzynski
Approximate time: 1 Hour
Level: Beginnerglue-dots-wooden-snowman-supplies
Size: 6” X 36”
Here’s what you need:
  • Glue Dots® Advanced Strength
  • 1 slat from a wood pallet or a board 1” x 36”glue-dots-wooden-snowman-inprocess
  • 1 slat cut to 14” – approximate size 3” x 14”
  • Small wood triangle for nose
  • Misc. buttons
  • Paint – White, burnt orange, black
  • Fabric or old scarf
  • Paint brushes
  • Table sawglue-dots-wooden-snowman-finished
Here’s what you do:
  1. Cut all wood to size yourself or have your local home improvement store cut it for you (they should cut it for free if you purchase the wood from them).
  2. Paint the top quarter of the 36″ plank black.  Paint the remainder of the wood slat white and let dry completely.
  3. Paint the skinny 3″ x 14” slat black and let dry.  This will be the brim of his hat.
  4. Paint nose burnt orange and let dry.
  5. Using Glue Dots Advanced Strength adhesive, assemble snowman by adhering the brim, nose, and buttons to the board. Tip: place items in position until you are happy with the look of your snowman. Add Advanced Strength adhesive to the back of each item and press firmly into place for a strong secure bond.
  6. Tie scarf around the plank where the snowman’s neck would be.
  7. Paint mouth and let dry.
To complete this project either format of Advanced Strength will work:

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