Sunday, June 7, 2015

Feeling good!

Feeling good! 

I was sitting in my space looking at my poor neglected brushes and decided I should paint! I forget how much I enjoy painting! I have these paints from DecoArt media and I have used them in crafting, but not on canvas. I usually use the other brand. So why not try this new stuff and see how it goes!

I can't say enough about how much I LOVE the Misters!!!!

LOVE the drippage and the splats of paint that made my day!
I just wanted to play with the misters! I wish I would have had a giant canvas, I would have been in heaven!

So after I was done with the background (playing) I started on the girl.

This paint is fantastic, I love the coverage I get. I love the colors and how vibrant they are!

So this is how the painting evolved.......this canvas is 10" X 20"

 These bubbles are painted with interference Violet so that they have that bubble color. I wish you could see it here in the pictures!
 Maybe a little in this picture!
 I am happy with her and her friend the Octopus.
I still have the sides to paint and maybe just a few little items to do on the front, but for the most part it is done!

Do I recommend the new line of Media paints from DecoArts®? That would be a big fat YES!!!!

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