Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cosmo Cricket Challenge-YELLOW

Cosmo Cricket has been having a challenge each week. When you join in this challenge, they donate $5.00 to charity. How easy is that? You craft, they donate!

This weeks challenge was make something with yellow. Using Cosmo Cricket paper of course! This is easy, they almost always have yellow. All 4 of the new lines have yellow! I happened to use paper from the new line called Tea for Two.

I figured spring was upon us, so no time like the present to make a May Day Basket!
So this is what I did.
Here it is hanging.

On each side I made a Gluber flower. I will be honest, I have had these since they first came out. But of course, have to save them. Just like new paper, sit on the shelf and stare at it for awhile. Well I did it! I took them out of the package and I used them! Guess WHAT? I love them! I love the way the flowers come out. So, So easy.......just like the small print says on the package....."even a child could do it".

Judge for yourself! Here is one of the flowers!

Hope you enjoyed my May Day Basket!


Erin said...

I saw this on Cosmo's blog first. Awesome job, great glubber flower. I'm not so great at glubber making myself.

mustangkayla said...

So very pretty! Love the gluber flowers! I too have the glubers but have been 'saving' them! haha!