Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Spy.......

Wow, it has been a while! What have I been up to? Well a little of this and a little of that. I will show you some random pictures. This is what I Spy..................
This is that big black bull I see every morning
How would you like to run into him?
He is HUGE!
I would love to refurbish this Little House on the Prairie
All inclusive, even with a prairie dog, see him?
I love these little suckers
Yep, I brake for these.
They make em big here!
Look at the size of this tumbleweed!
And another
Get to see these guys every day to!
Yes I have been doing some stuff, kinda went a little west in these
They call this horse love
She is hugging a stud!

More on Sunday! It will be Altered Alice time. So come back and check me out!


Erin said...

Hey Pioneer Woman,
I think you should totally take over that little house and western junk market style it. It could be your studio.

kristinlindstrom said...

I agree with Erin! That would make an awesome studio! I miss you!