Friday, January 21, 2011

CHAPTER 47: Back down the Rabbit Hole...

A final post from our "Mad Hatter" leader Jess...............

Greetings, Friends!

Today is a BITTERSWEET...although MOSTLY sweet post for Oh, Alice. It has been almost ONE YEAR since I got this crazy little idea one night to dedicate a blog, and a Saturday each week, to Alice in Wonderland because of my deep love of the characters, story, and mostly just Alice. Over the weeks to follow, I was blessed with an AMAZING "Twisted Team" of sisters, some who've gone on to other things, some who've stayed since the beginning, and some who have been with us for a while now-ALL of who I think the world of...and here I thought I was the "only" one who was THAT crazy about all things Alice until I found out that well, there are LOTS of you out there just like me. How cool is THAT?!

All that considered, after careful consideration and thought, some of us had decided that it was time to head back down the Rabbit hole and as some of us have done so, we found a lovely fork in the road.

Oh, Alice will be closing it's doors this week, but will return next week as The Altered Alice, a blog that our Twisted Thirteen member Lynne Phelps has started and will continue on from here. There is nothing to fear! The Altered Alice will still be bringing you FABULOUS challenges, lovely excerpts from our beloved chapters that tell us so much about Alice's world, and we have alerted our sponsors about the new Blog name and format, so hopefully you'll see some familiar faces VERY soon!

Here are a few words from Lynne about what you can expect at the Altered Alice:

"In Wonderland, Alice learned that everything changes so the important thing is to be true to yourself. That is true for the Alice in Wonderland challenges as well, which will be changing and growing in new directions under the next Mad Hatter, our own design team member Lynne Phelps. The Oh, Alice! challenges will now be hosted on her Alice in Wonderland artwork blog, The Altered Alice link: will find our same familiar challenge Chapters but they will be in a new monthly form, beginning on the first Sunday of the month and posting the winner on the last Sunday of the month. The design team will provide weekly project posts to inspire you along the way! "

Without further adieu, I'd like to thank all the members of the Twisted Thirteen who will be hanging out in Underland with me for a while, taking a much-needed break, and to the ones who will be continuing on with The Altered Alice, you know we won't be far from your blogs!

Last but not least, when I started this blog, I had NO idea that in just a few short months, we'd have over 400 followers. In fact, I was shocked. So it is with HUGE amounts of thanks that I want to let our readers/players know how much I appreciate YOU! Be sure to FOLLOW "The Altered Alice" right away so that you do not miss out on the first challenge or any new prizes coming their way!
On that note, let's get to this week's CHALLENGE:

This week's mission is to travel "Back down the Rabbit Hole" challenge-back to the beginning-Create a HELLO card (for OR a "Goodbye" card-it's all about what it looks like on the other side of that Looking Glass, right?
The DT has once again been blessed with a WONDERFUL assortment of Nikki Sivils papers and embellishments to work with as Nikki has graciously supplied the DT with, as well as a WONDERFUL prize pack for ONE lucky winner (winner will be announced next week on the Altered Alice challenge Blog and also you must link your creations THERE.
In addition to creating a HELLO or GOODBYE card and entering it over at The Altered Alice, the NEW Alice in Wonderland Challenge Blog, don't forget to "FOLLOW" the new "Altered Alice" blog where next week's challenge AND the winner of the last Nikki giveaway will be drawn!

Here is the card I made for this challenge..........

   Wait....I am going to travel to "The Altered Alice" I made a HELLO card
                  But........I had to say GOODBYE so I made a twisted kind of card.
                          I guess that would make it appropriate for this challenge!

So here it is.......................................

Good luck to all of the Twisted Sisters in whatever endeavors come our way!

Make sure you start checking over at "The Altered Alice" Site, where new themes and challenges await!


Erin said...

Genius, 2 cards in one. Love it. Glad to see we will still be on the team together. We miss your happy face at ATC. We are meeting this week, and I'm sure they will ask about you.

Lynne Phelps said...

What a PERFECT CARD for this occasion - just as we are ringing down the curtain on the last performance of Oh, Alice! we are raising the curtain at The Altered Alice! Brilliant, and I can see that I need to use my roll of white crepe paper. I knew I bought it for something, I just needed you to show me what it was! I can't wait for the next chapter and I am SO HAPPY that you are on the new team!!!!

Tasha said...

Wow what a fantastic design, love this its so creative. Good luck with the new challenge
love tasha xx