Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm here

Well it is official, I have moved. Yes, I am now out of MN and boy just in the nick of time. They were hit hard, with a lot of snow and now the cold. The Metrodome buckled, streets were not plowed, that's when you know it is really bad. I forgot to ask if the mail was delivered. Hummmm?

Well my new life is certainly different from my city girl life. Oh MY! Do you want to know what I hear around here?

Moo, Moo, Neigh, Neigh, quack, quack, ruff, ruff, meow, chick, chick, eeee-haaa (is that what a donkey says) and cock a doodle doo. At night you can here the coyotes, wolves and fox.

Do you want to see the sights......

 Bales and bales of this stuff!

                                      The dog that is gonna eat my dog, that is if the
                               fox, coyotes or wolves don't get her first!
                                            Water pump (thank God I don't have to pump water) LOL!
                                                Oh and this is what I see out the front yard
Yep, right out the front door. Also note the blue sky, yet you can see the snow cap mountains
Well enough about that. I have to get back to unpacking my stuff, so I can get some cards done!
Anyone see my inks, stamps?
 OH JEEZ!...............I can't find my distress inks!!!!!
I can not function without them, HELP!!!!!


Erin said...

Looks awesome, your just like the Pioneer Woman. When can I come visit?

Grandma Jan said...

Good luck on getting settled. Yes, you have missed over 2 feet of snow. Great timing. Lucky you.