Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today I went to my Daughter's house to help my Granddaughter with her Valentine's box. I took my Slice and some fun papers and we had at it. She had so much fun using the Slice. Do you think I brought my camera? Nope I did not. But we did have fun.

I have been working with some fun vintage yardsticks and an old frame I found at a swap meet/antique sale. I used the frame as is....put a picture of my dad in it (I love this picture of him). I used 7 gypsies paper and embellishments with a few vintage snaps. It is just a peek, as I have a few more things to add to this.

This next piece is made from a vintage yardstick. I have made it into a wedding piece of my Grandparents. I found it to be fitting of something old turned into something new.

This is also part of it and again I am only showing you a peek. I know how mean that is, but I did want you to see that I am back working again. See the flower? I made this using muslin, I like the vintage feel it gives. I am loving this piece.
One more thing to share....this is not craft related so you may leave at this point or continue...
your choice
I hereby state, I will not go to another wrestling match involving my little guy below, it is much to hard to see your grandsons face being smashed to the ground for the fun of the sport even if he did win the match. Sorry James, Meme just can't watch!

That's it for today.

Go make something!


Caterpillar Creations said...

LOVIN' the muslin rose, too!!!

I am making's just taking me a really, really long time....UGH!!! Why do I do this to myself...LOL!!!

Tami said...

Oh Donna. You are so awesome. Welcome back. I have missed you. Love what you are working on and the Rose is so cool. You go girl. I hear you on the wrestling.