Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Very Excited!

First, I need to share this...................I win Farris, you finally fell asleep!

I watch Farris 4 days a week and she never naps, so this is very rare.

Gotta love her!

Here is a new picture I am working on....It is a witch and I am loving it. Okay so she has no hair yet that will come tomorrow. Her hat will come with the hair. I just wanted to share what I have so far.

If you look close I have added words in the background wind.

More words...............Scary!
Just another shot of the whole picture. Can't wait to get this one done. It has a Cosmo Cricket dress and some Cosmo Cricket pumpkins. Cat I cut on the slice and painted it's face. The fence is also cut out of Cosmo Cricket. Out of all the Cosmo Cricket paper " Haunted" is my favorite. Do you think this is because I love Halloween?

Talk about flying high! I was at Crop around town with these 3 wonderful people and was honored to have my picture taken with them. Julie, Lindsey and Lisa from Cosmo Cricket. Oh what's that Julie is holding? Oh how nice of you to ask, it is a mixed media piece of art I did for her. She loved it. They even put it up on their blog today (9/22). How thankful I am for that, it means a lot to me! I was lucky enough to be in one of their classes and the crop that they hosted. I have taken classes with them before and they sure make it fun and really make you feel great. So if you ever get the chance take a class they are FUN!

Thanks Cosmo Cricket, you guys rock!


Caterpillar Creations said...

OMGosh! The dolls just keep getting better and BETTER!! I can't wait to see her finished.

Farrissssssss! lil sleepy head!


Erin said...

I saw your beautiful work on the CC blog. I knew it was yours before I saw your name. I still want to see it in person. Bring one on the 22nd.

Grandma Jan said...

I love the new witch drawing. You are a really talented women. Thanks for the help with Halloween cards.
Crops were so much fun.
Good to see the photo of you and the Cosmo Cricket gang.

Tami Wood said...

Congrats Donna. I must say I took a great picture. I love what you made Julie and the Halloween one is making me drool. I love Halloween as much as you do. Keep on keeping on.

Remember I am your agent and don't you forget it.

Tami Wood said...

waiting waiting waiting...are you creating creating creating??