Thursday, January 22, 2009

Okay I know it has been a long time since I posted, however those of you who know me have a clue what I have been going though. I just had started this blog and all went haywire in life. Just in short, my husband was ill for quite sometime and we did not know what it was and went though 7 months of junk to find out it was prostrate cancer. Once they did the biopsy we had to wait 8 weeks before they could do the surgery to remove the cancer. He had the cancer removed by robotic surgery. December was a tough month. Christmas was not traditional at our house at all. Christmas eve is when he had to go in and have all of the staples removed and the tubes. The rest of the day into the eve was resting for him. Quite different for us. We have my family over on Christmas eve and Christmas morn we have our children and the grandkids, then we clean that up and have his family in the afternoon. Not this year. He is still mending and has had some infection come up and his one area has opened and he has a long time to heal that wound.

So if that was not enough we had our daughter who has been pregnant and was told that her baby would not make it. If the baby was born alive it would not last long. So it has been a lot of testing and having lots of ultra sounds. When I say lots, I mean lots, we are talking I am filling a whole book of pictures. However all is fine we have a beautiful baby girl. 6pds 1 oz 18 1/2 inches. So much for all the test.

Parents are still not doing great. So there ya have it, I have been very busy and don't care to see the inside of a hospital for a while!!!!!

On a great note, I did have time to make the cutest little books for the little girls in the family and a few friends kids and they have been a hit. Just think what I could do if I tried. Things that make ya say Huh?

I also had the pleasure to take a class with Lance Anderson from Rusty Pickle up in Pine City. I loved it. I had taken a class with Lance in Chicago when I went to CKU. If you ever get the chance take a class from Rusty Pickle, its fun.

So with a of that to take in I will sign off for now but I promise I will be on more and putting some pictures up soon.

Till then bye.

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