Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Big News I am telling you when I was contacted I fell off my chair. So what is this BIG NEWS? Well I could tell you or I could give you a hint! Which should I do?.............
That was a pretty big hint! Cosmo Cricket/Advantus has asked me, yes me to do some designing for them! Yes I am over the moon excited! So Fed-ex did a drive by yesterday and they dropped this off.
Yep a box full of Cosmo Cricket new stuff, like brand new hot off the press goodness!
That is all that I can show you, however if you go to Cosmo Cricket blog, they are starting some peeking and will start showing bigger peeks next week. So hop on over to Cosmo Cricket and see what they have going on. I have to go, I have some stuff I gotta do! You know like samples for CHA-Winter. Did I just type that? OMG! I still am in a dream state! And don't wake me, cuz I don't want to wake up. Wish me luck! Thanks for stopping!


Lynne Phelps said...

WOW, this is AWESOME!!! I am totally not suprised that they would ask you as you are a GENIUS with patterned paper! Plus, Advantus, wow! I hope you will share lots of photos of your CHA samples! Will you get to go to the show?

Tami said...

wow. so happy for you Donna. Can't wait to see what you make.