Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gypsy dress

Well here I am again, back with another inspiration from the 7 gypsies line. This time I made a dress out of paper. This was fun! I had a hard time molding the paper, so I just crumbled it up and all was well. I am going to do another one of these because my husband had some say in this one. Yes I did say my husband. I wanted to put flower tah tah's on, and he said no don't ruin it. I say tah tah's would be fun! So I will another. This is the front.

Can you guess where the tah tah flowers went? Yes those are them they are on the back of the dress. They say when you turn around to always leave them wanting more. So that is what I did. I changed the back up a bit, give it a little wow factor. It is just for fun.

Just another shot of the front.

That was my fun project for the day!

Do we need some baby watch pictures? Well I have not been very good at posting some for a while so here are some. Here you go Mom and Dad here is Farris.......................
Here she is looking cute for the camera - she just woke up, why can't I wake up that happy?

Here she is giving Papa some kisses! Gotta love those sloppy wet kisses! (she is teething)
Last one, just looking like an angel.
Tah tah for now!


Anonymous said...

Once again "DARLIN'" you amaze me! Absolutely LOVE everything you do, this dress is WONDERFUL! You have such creativity!

wood said...

totally awesome!! love the pics too. is that hubby??

Lynn said...

Look at that grandbaby! How adorable is she??? Seriously. She MUST look like meme!!!

Also, love the 7g project!!!